Progress is Progress

There are days when I absolutely hate the things that Facebook tries to unearth and resurface because some of the things which happened in the past should just, you know, stay where they are supposed to be. And that's right in the past. However, there are actual days when I get a little bit thankful… Continue reading Progress is Progress

Art Dump: August 2017

It's another Art Dump post (and word vomit). I made very few artworks last month and I am so ashamed of myself. It's also very much all over the place. Haha. But I have my reasons for painting very scarcely last month. If you follow me on Instagram (@artsyfartsylulu) and have seen my second to… Continue reading Art Dump: August 2017


If you have read my post "25 Things To Do Before Turning 25", you would know that one of my goals is to make a self-portrait. And last night, I finally crossed that one out. Yay! Like I said in that post it's not for narcissistic pursuits. I just have a feeling that making self-portraits… Continue reading Self-Portrait