Musings Under a Handful of Stars

I cannot think properly. I'll just tell you what I am doing and what are my observations right now. It is May 10 and I am currently lying on my back on the roof deck of a mall. I wish I could say that I am lying underneath a blanket of myriad of stars but… Continue reading Musings Under a Handful of Stars

Haiku: Untitled, You, Stuck

Haiku is an unrhymed and short form of poetry which consists of only 17 syllables. They are usually about nature and are usually about two ideas thrown together. These three haikus were written last year and I just kind of unearthed them to share with all of you. I think I actually posted the second… Continue reading Haiku: Untitled, You, Stuck

Metaphors and the Midnight Sky

I cannot sleep. I'm thinking of writing a poem but I don't know how to write a decent one. A friend told me a few hours ago to be mindful of enjambments and breathe. That I need to know the science of metaphors that I will use. And that just because they are good to… Continue reading Metaphors and the Midnight Sky

Why I Had to Quit my Job?

(This has been sitting on my drafts for the past 4 months. Decided to work on it again and post it. This is pretty long. Read at your own risk.) Edit: Na click ko bigla yung publish at nagpanic ako kasi pinag-iisipan ko pa kung ipopost ko nga 'to! Pero, yaena! Tadhana na yung nagdecide.… Continue reading Why I Had to Quit my Job?