Mga Kasagutan

So, hello folks! I was surprisingly nominated by Kuya Jheff in this Sunshine Blogger Award. Since the questions are in Tagalog, I might as well answer in Tagalog din. So if there are non-Tagalog readers out there, I'm sorry if you will not understand everything that follows. Ok. Ayan. Simulan na natin. Trabahuhin muna natin… Continue reading Mga Kasagutan

Musings Under a Handful of Stars

I cannot think properly. I'll just tell you what I am doing and what are my observations right now. It is May 10 and I am currently lying on my back on the roof deck of a mall. I wish I could say that I am lying underneath a blanket of myriad of stars but… Continue reading Musings Under a Handful of Stars

The Ultimate Christmas Q&A

I was tagged by the awesome Oxria to participate in this Q and A. I remember being excited about doing this the moment I saw it but I somehow forgot about it. Haha! Me and my short-attention span. Okay. Let's do this! What is your favorite Christmas film? I love Christmas but I haven't really watched a lot… Continue reading The Ultimate Christmas Q&A

Metaphors and the Midnight Sky

I cannot sleep. I'm thinking of writing a poem but I don't know how to write a decent one. A friend told me a few hours ago to be mindful of enjambments and breathe. That I need to know the science of metaphors that I will use. And that just because they are good to… Continue reading Metaphors and the Midnight Sky

6 Answers and 14 Things About Me

This was from the nomination of ate Thea and Dungis. Lovely humans! Took me a while because //tamad forever. I decided though to just skip the other rules because I think everyone else that I know have been nominated already. Thank you again ate Thea and Dungis! Lablab! I received The Unique Blogger Award where I have to answer… Continue reading 6 Answers and 14 Things About Me