Sleep Away

The night before last - You slipped into my grey haze, Leaving me breathless Stuck in a dizzying daze. You with that golden honey smile A burst of sunshine in my eyes. Yesternight - You surfaced into my orange reverie. Your eyes such glittering globes Dazzling your way into my core. And deep into the… Continue reading Sleep Away

Haiku: Untitled, You, Stuck

Haiku is an unrhymed and short form of poetry which consists of only 17 syllables. They are usually about nature and are usually about two ideas thrown together. These three haikus were written last year and I just kind of unearthed them to share with all of you. I think I actually posted the second… Continue reading Haiku: Untitled, You, Stuck

Poetry Writing Exercise

I am someone who never really bothered with poetry before. It always felt to me like there is an air of elitism surrounding poets and their poetry so I shied away from it. On year 2016, I have developed an interest in the art form when I would sometimes be forced to write poems for… Continue reading Poetry Writing Exercise