Art Dump: November 2017

I got in a bit of a creative rut for the first half of November and I got really busy with my job hunting on the second half of November so it was really a struggle to come up with anything artsy last month. Tapos sobrang tamad ko talaga mga bes. Nakakaiyak. I basically had… Continue reading Art Dump: November 2017

Art Dump: September 2017

Hello guys! My arm is okay already! But I had to work on a couple of commissions which took quite a lot of my time so I was still not able to make more art. Or maybe I'm just really lazy. I had to do a lot of studies (reading watercolor books, watching tutorials, reading… Continue reading Art Dump: September 2017

What Made My Month (September 2017)

Because 'Ber' months is officially my favorite thirds of the year I already claimed by the start of September that I'm going to have great months ahead. And well, I did have a good September. Could be better but it's good enough. So here are things/ people/ happenings that made my month.  1. Highschool Friends… Continue reading What Made My Month (September 2017)