Europe, Salamander and David Archuleta

I was on a plane. I was sitting beside my high school friend Angelin and we were bound to Europe. Where in Europe, I had no idea. When we stepped out of the plane though we were immediately transported to some cobbled streets and both of us were so stinking excited. We then decided to… Continue reading Europe, Salamander and David Archuleta

Wall of Books and Sea of Ice

I was running. I was running as fast as I could. Running away from something I didn't know. I just knew that I needed to put as much space as I could between me and the thing or the person I was running away from. I was running for a few torturing minutes or maybe… Continue reading Wall of Books and Sea of Ice

Fairy lights, Earthquake and everything that followed

I was in my room with someone I couldn't remember. I don't even know if it was a guy or a girl. And then, all of a sudden, people started streaming inside my room. I clearly saw Jerry Maestas as one of them and he brought with him some fairy lights and the next thing… Continue reading Fairy lights, Earthquake and everything that followed

Pizzas like Lasagna, Blue Dog and everything in between

I don't know how my dream started but I remember sitting on the far end of a really long table and there were loads of food on it. Pizzas were stacked on top of each other like lasagna. There was tubs of ice creams, plates of pasta and lots of snacks. Apparently it was my… Continue reading Pizzas like Lasagna, Blue Dog and everything in between