A Bunch of People I Know and Didn’t Know

I was in the office and I decided that I was going to get some ice cream. On my way there, I saw Izy and after giving him a hug and telling him to wait for me, I went to the rest room instead of getting that ice cream. When I went out again to… Continue reading A Bunch of People I Know and Didn’t Know

Shawn Mendes in my Art School

I was running. And it felt like I was running late for something. My chest was heaving and my legs were starting to give out when someone suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me with him as he ran towards a nearby building. We then climbed the stairs to the second floor and entered a… Continue reading Shawn Mendes in my Art School

Giving Birth and Falling in Love

I felt something moved inside my tummy. A jolt. A faint but sudden blow. Like something small was trying to punch me from inside. Curiously, I lift my shirt up and saw that something was indeed moving beneath the surprisingly very much stretched skin across my stomach. I was watching it for a few minutes… Continue reading Giving Birth and Falling in Love

Ang Huling El Bimbo 2018

I have always dreamed of watching a musical play and I am so pumped that it finally came true last weekend.

Pineapple and Birthdate Tattoos with Surveyor

I was with my friend Karen in one of my childhood friend's house. Spontaneously, we decided that we wanted to get tattoos right at that moment. And then came our Surveyor from the office and said that he would be willing to do our tattoos. I urged Karen to get her tattoo first because I… Continue reading Pineapple and Birthdate Tattoos with Surveyor

Granny, train ride with a pink lady and hitting a man in the face

I dreamt I was sitting in a car with a granny who was the one driving and she was telling me stories about her childhood. It was about kids doing gymnastics. I couldn't remember the context but I remember that while she was telling the story, a film-like thingy was being played and it was… Continue reading Granny, train ride with a pink lady and hitting a man in the face

This is How I’m Gonna Die

So, I was trolling around the Internet yesterday when I found out that I actually haven't deleted one of my old blogs. It was the lesser blog (I did not use it that much) but I still found some interesting stuffs in there. I would sometimes cross-post my art and my sort-of-dream-diary posts in my… Continue reading This is How I’m Gonna Die