What Made My Month (November 2019)

November was pretty eventful in the way that I actually went out to socialize and have fun. Hahaha. So here’s a bit of what happened to my November. I had so much fun!


You are my soul! Soul! Ah! My boys are finally on every social media. And also on different music streaming apps. They are finally on Spotify. I mean, their songs are finally available worldwide in Spotify. I think I spent a whole week just listening to Arashi before I delved once again to my DAY6 playlist to prepare myself for their concert. It’s weird that I can listen to them legally now. Haha. In case you are wondering, my favorite songs by them are Love So Sweet and We Can Make It! Meant to be talaga kami ni Sho!

2. WeRoseYouinManila Tickets

Jusku! Inaaaay! Pulubi na ako. But I am so happy. I will be seeing The Rose this coming December 14th! They are pretty much the reason why I am back in this blackhole called fangirling so I can’t let this moment pass. Also, this will be their first time in the Philippines. I am so excited.


Ah! For some reason I can’t write about this in here. I guess it’s because I have so much to say about that night and I can’t compress it into just this. I have written a private journal post about the concert though and I am telling you it is sooooo long! Tipong ako lang sisipagin magbasa. Haha. But I love it very much. Like wow. I can still write. But only about things I am actually passionate about.

4. Hi-Touch Event with DAY6

Hee! Aside from watching the concert. I also hi-touched DAY6! I still don’t have any idea how I am still alive right now to be honest. I touched their hands! I exchanged words with them. I looked into their eyes. We were not even a meter apart. What have I done in my past life to deserve this?

5. #ANGEttingmarriednaREN

Our highschool friend got married and their wedding was so beautiful. Being our friend for a decade already, we were honestly not expecting anything less. That’s Angelin for you mga mamang. Always extra in everything she does. She deserves it anyway. I wish them a happily married life.

2019 is almost over. Am I ready? Am not. Are you?

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