Hong Kong 2018 Part 2 – Ocean Park and Central District

So, it has taken me exactly a year to finish writing the second part of our Hong Kong trip. I am actually thinking of just doing a photo dump but since I have drafted the most part of it a year ago, I feel like it will be such a waste to just delete them. Anyway, the third part would probably just be a photo dump from our Disneyland and Victoria Harbour trip which are really lovely places to visit in Hongkong. But before that, let’s take a trip back to Ocean Park and Central District first?

A lot of people specifically told me that I would enjoy Ocean Park way better than Disneyland. From the Grab driver who heard us talking about it, to some acquaintances who found out I was going to Hong Kong. So, let’s just say that I kind of expected quite a lot about it.

After our ferry *budol* ride the day before (which you can read up in here), Karen booked three tickets to Ocean Park via Klook. Ah, what a convenience for people who planned practically nothing for the trip. Truly a convenience. Anyhow, after having our breakfast at McDo (lol!), we took the train from Tao Wo Hau Station to Admiralty Station and transferred trains to Ocean Park. I love how Ocean Park is already connected to the train station. I told you, it is hard to get lost in Hong Kong.

Look at who welcomed us at Ocean Park. They were playing “Dahil Sa’yo” by Iñigo Pascual so we enthusiastically waved at them. Probably noticing that we were fellow Filipinos, they cheerily waved back as well.

Roger was clearly not amused. And also, eeew sa buto ko sa leeg.

Why we actually decided to go to Ocean Park was never about their aquariums or their thrilling rides. Our real agenda was to see their freakin’ pandas!!! Okay, that was just Karen and I. We still checked out their aquariums though but I have to say that their aquariums fell short of my expectations. And it was not like I was expecting any, really. I was just thinking that their aquariums would be awesome but yeah. Anyway! After our quick stroll around their aquariums, we immediately tried to find the pandas!

So, the pandas!

Find the red panda!

Such a fluffy creature. It was moving around a lot so I was able to see how fluffy this one seemed. It felt like I could hide in its fur and you would never find me again. So fluffy!

Look at this sleepy one. It was just lying like that for minutes. It must be really tiring being watched 24-7.

And this one was clearly not in the mood to be seen by people. Aaah. I can totally relate. Sometimes you just want to hide from everyone and everything. I feel you Panda.

But of course, how can I forget to take a #shoefie?

All these Chinese characters around me and I don’t understand a thing. And look at me, barely even starting the day but already looking very haggard. What? In my defense, it was scorching hot that day. Haha.

We then decided to go where the wild things are. Char! On the other side of the mountain is where you would find their extreme rides. And in order to go there, we had to ride their cable car. For someone who is an acrophobic and has an overthinking brain, this was obviously not a very good idea. I tried to be brave but I just remember that I kept on cursing to release some nerves that time. I felt like I was being annoying but I was just really scared that time.

We made it to the other side! Look at how there were very few people around. The sun was seriously blazing that time. And idiots that we were, we kept on walking around and taking photos instead of trying to find shade.

In our attempt to find a place where we can buy something to eat, we ended up seeing penguins. We didn’t know there were penguins in there. We were all pleasantly surprised. Ah! Cuties! Pandas earlier. And then penguins. Bucketlists!

We really tried to find a place to eat but we just ended up sitting outside their comfort rooms and watched people. Mostly kids. We even tried to label them. Like this one kid is the “heartthrob in school” or this one is a “bully”. I know it was very wrong to stereotype kids but we just did what we can to kill time. After a few minutes, we decided to check out Choi Hung Estate and their Instagrammable rainbow painted buildings.

We were already on the train bound to Choi Hung Estate but then we changed our minds and went back to visit Central District instead.

One thing we immediately noticed upon arriving at Central District is their busy streets. It was busy in a way that people are gathering around having parties, eating, playing cards, etc. Apparently, Sunday is the day-off for most domestic workers in Hong Kong.

Walking around doing touristy things made me feel ashamed as most of the people we saw gathered in the streets were fellow Filipinos. For the record, I did not feel ashamed of them. I felt ashamed because those Filipino workers are just a little percentage of Filipinos that our government has failed. The number of Filipino workers we saw was astounding. It was honestly heartbreaking to think of it.

We went to different streets afterwards with the IG-worthy murals/street arts. They are all over the place so they weren’t really hard to find. What’s hard was getting the chance to take photos by the walls because everyone just wanted to take photos by the walls. Hee.

The photo above is by a Japanese artist named Shingo Katori and is the first street art made by a Japanese in Hong Kong. This is called Large Mouth Dragon Boy.

Pottinger Street or the Stone Slab Street.

This street is paved unevenly with granite slabs which is its charm. It looks darker in real life.

The famous Hollywood Road GOD Store Mural. I think we have spent thirty minutes waiting just to get our chance to take a photo by this wall. There were so many people. We enjoyed the wait though. People watching can be really interesting.

The plain black wall opposite the Hollywood Road GOD Store and my friend.

After roaming around the Central District, we made our way back to Victoria Harbour to catch the Symphony of Lights but ended up on the wrong side of the Harbour. Still, it was beautiful and we got to watch the sky being so pretty as it changed its colors.

We then made another quick stop at Mongkok before we head back to the hotel. It was a good day.