DAY6 Mementos

So yah girl is still not over the #DAY6GRAVITYinMNL. It’s been a week but I still cry at the fancams I watch. How can I move on? When I’m still in love with you. Char! I want to prepare myself for the We Rose You Tour happening in 13 days but it’s hard when I am still hung up on this. Hay. But anyway, let me share some of the mementos I got from the concert last November 23. It’s not much but I have good memories attached to them.

The ID, lanyard, strap, souvenir card and ticket I got from the concert. I also got posters and the signed Entropy album but the posters were pretty hard to take photos of and I am going to keep the album to myself. Hihi.

The banner prepared by MyDaysPH. These were given as we enter the venue. At the backside of this are the instructions for the fan projects they were to lead.

This was given to us together with the banner. As instructed, this was to be used during the Blast-Off party. We had to wave this white hanky during the performance of Best Part which is the first song they would perform. But this had other use/s. I ended up wiping my tears with this hanky. Basang-basa sya mga bakla.

Got this at the pop-up store in SM Aura a few days before the concert. These pin buttons/ button pins were made by the local artist Marcela Suller. Aren’t they cute?

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