DAY6 Gravity in Manila

“What’s good Mani-luh?”

It was June 17 this year when I first heard this song from DAY6’s Moonrise album called Hi Hello. And then I heard I Like You. And then I started listening to their other songs. I was still on the process of listening to their whole discography when they suddenly announced the released of their mini album called The Book of Us: Gravity. A few days later, they then announced their World Tour. I was a newbie MyDay but I was so excited when I saw that there will be a Manila leg of the tour. I was only a two-weeks fan but I was already thinking of going that time.

And then on July 15, I hyped their album release so hard that I think my friends were annoyed with my posts already. It was only a month since I discovered them that time but by then, I was already so set on seeing DAY6 on their concert in Manila. It was just a month of knowing them! Just a month!

And guess what mga bakla! Last Saturday (November 23), I finally got to see them. From the moment they all entered the stage I was seriously already crying. I actually knew deep down that I was going to cry in the concert but I didn’t know that I would cry just by the mere sight of them walking across the stage.

The night started with Jae allowing us to claim that it was gonna be a beautiful night. They started singing Best Part and as a fan project of MyDays Ph, the crowd started waving their white handkerchiefs in the chorus while singing all the words back to them. Everyone was full of excitement and everyone was jumping all around. It was so beautiful. And it was only the beginning.

Damn! The whole concert, the energy never wavered. From their new song releases like Time of Our Life, Sweet Chaos, For Me, and How to Love. To old favorites like Somehow, Colors, Warning, and Sing Me. Everyone kept their energy on high while singing along and banging their heads to DAY6.

When they performed Shoot Me, it was a complete riot. Everyone was screaming the fan chant so bad. It was so fun! I was watching these fancams of the Shoot Me performance all over the Web and I just want to repeat that moment all over again. I want to repeat that night all over again!

Side story: It’s been two days but my legs still look like a patchwork because of all the Salonpas I’ve stuck all over. Ang sakit ng legs ko. Para akong namundok. Haha.

They had an extended stage where they brought their mics and instruments so they could get closer to the other fans. I do not really have a bias in this group but if you are to press me on telling who is my most beloved, I’d say it is Wonpil. I was really happy to get a Youngfeel side seat during the ticketing day although it just happened and I did not have much of a choice. I just bought whatever was available because the tickets were quickly getting sold-out. Panic-buying was very real mga mamsh! But honestly, I wouldn’t mind getting whichever side because I love them all and I am sure I would enjoy it as long as it is DAY6.

Oh yes! I made a friend. Or maybe two. Or three! Haha! MyDays are so nice. You can go to a DAY6 concert alone and leave the concert hall with new friends.

When they moved to the extended stage, Jae and Wonpil exchanged positions. Having Jae on our side of the stage was such a treat. He was really good at hyping the crowd around him. Sungjin even kept on moving around the stage so we were really lucky fans. We got the best of everything!

After letting the MyDays Ph sing Congratulations, there was another fan project which was this VCR featuring the song When You Love Someone. It is a compilation of videos about how DAY6 has become a part of a MyDay’s life. How DAY6 has become a reason for a MyDay to keep going despite the everyday struggles at work, at school, or at home. And that my dear friends, was the second time I cried that night. I felt it so much because that was what DAY6’s music meant to me.

It kept me going.

When the VCR was finished and it left the band members speechless for a while, I knew it meant that they appreciated it so much. And they did. It even made Jae cry. It was such an intimate moment with DAY6. How the VCR made them reflect not only on their purpose but also on their reasons. And it once again made me cry. That white handkerchief was really put to good use that night.

I have so many fond memories from the concert. That cute sneeze by Sungjin. The “perfection” which is the drum, I mean who is Dowoon. The silent tears of Wonpil. The smiley face of YoungK. That laugh of Jae when they fail at hyping the crowd. Yung naligaw si Sungjin sa stage. When they all comforted Jae when he was crying. The way my seatmate gave me a little squeeze when she noticed that I was crying. When I unexpectedly saw two of my little cousins who also watched the concert. That little compliment Dowoon gave their translator. The energy!

It was definitely a night to remember. This is my first DAY6 concert but I am sure that this won’t be the last.

See you next year DAY6. My beautiful reason. Mahal ko kayo!

2 thoughts on “DAY6 Gravity in Manila”

    1. Please do! You’ll enjoy it very much. They also have a recently released full-length album called Entropy. It is an adventure to listen to. You’ll know what I mean by “adventure” when you give it a try. 😊😊😊


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