Of Shoefies and Selfies and Handfies

In preparation for the DAY6 concert which I will be attending in just ONE WEEK, I have been freeing up space on my phone for the concert photos and videos that I’m pretty sure I am going to take. I’ve been sifting through my gallery to see which ones can I already delete and which ones I can transfer to a hard drive when I noticed my tons of shoefies and selfies and handfies (all without my face). So before I delete them, I thought why don’t I post it here for keepsake? Charot.

This will be a slightly photo-heavy post with a bit of kwento on the sides.

05.01. 2019 – I went to Baclaran before meeting up with my friend to watch Troye Sivan in MoA. Decided to have some coffee at Sinirangan Coffee Shop while killing time. It is located inside the Baclaran premises and it uses locally produced coffee beans. I ordered an iced latte which was pretty good. I haven’t been back yet but I hope to try their other stuffs too.

03.18.2019 – I was the maid of honor in my best friend’s wedding last March. A few weeks ago I dreamt that she was already pregnant. I immediately told her and gigil sya at hindi pa daw. Haha. Wala pang balak.

09.01.2019 – I don’t know what I was doing but that time I was posting weekly mirror selfies. I think it was my way of letting my friends know that I am still alive even though I decided not to see them for 5 months. I know. I am such a bad friend.

03.24.2019 – My sister and I watched The Phantom of the Opera and it was my first international production. Ah! It was really good.

07.21.2018 – I was so happy to get that Bakugou shirt. Got it from the Kid’s section of Uniqlo. Hee.

11.02.2019 – My favorite Banana Milk.

07.28.2019 – Hermit day. I was not planning to go out of my room at all that day but I ended up sleeping on my eyeglasses and it broke. I had to rush out to have it fixed because I had to go to work the next day and I wouldn’t be able to function without my glasses. I can’t remember if I even took a bath that day. My gahd. What a mess I was. My mental state that time was sooooooo bad.

05.13.2019 – Election Day. Ang kalat nung ink.

06.02.2019 – I met up with my College friends in Taal that day. I had a grand time.

10.27.2019 – That glorious day when I was able to snag some Royalty tickets to the DAY6 concert. This is a souvenir card from Inang Happee Sy and Pulp World.

05.19.2019 – You know that pomelo pink flowers with really rough petals which grows in summer. I saw one on the road on my home from Church and I took this little yellow flower in the middle. That flower always reminds me Flores de Mayo.

02.09.2019 – Just playing around with my shadows in my brother’s room.

03.17.2019 – Autumn feels in Lipa.

03.30.2019 – I can’t remember why we decided to meet but Yayin and I talked for 5 straight hours that day. Obvious bang favorite ko yung yellow socks na yan?

09.08.2019 – Another sapilitang paglabas ng bahay day. For months I had to literally forced myself to go out on Sundays to go to Church. Some days I fail. This was one of those days when I kinda succeeded. I was able to drag myself out but I was so spaced-out at Church I just felt like I have sinned even more.

11.06.2019 – While waiting for our order in Chow King. The tiles looked pretty nice.

Hee. I still have lots of photos but I feel lazy to post them na.

To be honest, I feel like I’m on a good mental state lately. I was able to meet with my friends whom I avoided for five months. I’m having less anxiety attacks. I’ve been enjoying so much music now. I have been writing a lot (privately). I have actually been able to post a few stuffs in here. I still haven’t painted in a while and I still can’t bring myself to read books but I am not forcing myself. Work is starting to get better. There are still a lot of booboos but I am starting to learn to ask for help whenever documents are starting to pile up (being solo in the office can be really hard because you have to juggle site monitoring and document preparation and filing all on your own tapos sabayan mo pa ng pagsagot sa emails, phone calls, text messages at pagharap sa clients so wala ka ng natapos diba?).

Anyway, I guess taking some time off with socializing and lessening online interactions really did help a lot. It doesn’t mean though that I am going back just because I am getting better. If anything, it proved that I really need to be away from this. I’m still going to quit blogging this year. And I’m still intent on quitting other socmeds. Ang hirap lang mag-stan ng Koreans at Japanese kung walang socmed. So medyo fail talaga ako dun.

I still took a lot of photos during this bad phase. Shoefies, selfies and handfies will always be a good idea I guess.

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