What Made My Month (October 2019)

Two months to go ladies and gentlemen and we will be welcoming 2020 already. Darn! I am currently writing this while seated in our balcony and while watching the sky change colors. I am also listening to Chantey by AKMU and I suddenly feel this urge to go to the sea. And maybe drown myself. Kidding.

That was random. Anyway, October was very quick. I feel like so much has happened but at the same I feel like nothing actually happened. I read a lot of mangas/manhwas though. Hee. I think I should make a list of it na nga eh. Kasi parang, hala nabasa ko na ba ‘to yung ganap ko. Anyway (ulit), how about we just go straight to the things which made my month.

1. Arashi on YouTube

OMG. After 20 years, they finally made their videos ‘legally’ available online. There are very few uploaded videos in their channel as of the moment but can you actually believe that this is happening? They are even going to go live on YouTube this coming Sunday. My Japanese boys! I just wish they also made their songs available on Spotify. Medyo madamot sila sa part na yon.

2. Sailing Album by AKMU

Ah! Guys! I am in love! This album is so beautiful. One of the most beautiful sounding album I have heard in my life. Just listen to Chantey and fall in love with the gorgeous vocals of Suhyun.

3. The Book of Us: Entropy by DAY6

Darn. So many good music this month! DAY6 released their third regular album which is the second installment in their The Book of Us series (the first one being The Book of Us: Gravity). Entropy is an adventure to listen to. Their music in this album have so much variety in style and it is so diverse and experimental but it is so beautifully, artfully and tastfully done. I was pleasantly surprised with every song. DAY6 continues to outdo themselves. I am so glad to have found out about them.

4. Koimonogatari

This is a manga about boys love and this is the most beautiful manga I have read to date. The art is beautiful, the story is beautiful and the story-telling is very wonderful. I remember gushing about it in my IG stories and on Twitter because I want people to read this. The story is about a closeted gay befriending a straight guy. The story does not focus on romance. It’s about coming to terms with who you really are and being honest about it with yourself and with other people. I love how well-portrayed the struggles of an lgbtq is in here. And I love the relationships (friendships) formed in this story. Such a beautiful and pure manga. Give it a shot! It’s still ongoing though but I swear it’s worth your time.

5. Kimetsu no Yaiba

Ah! I LOVE THIS MANGA! I was initially planning to watch the anime version alone but I ended up reading the manga and not finishing the anime adaptation. I am as invested in this the way I am invested in Shigenki no Kyojin and The Promised Neverland. Ibang klase.

6. Hotarubi no Mori e

I think this is one of the saddest stories in the world that has ever been told. You have no idea how long and how much I cried after watching this relatively short film. I was a total mess after. I still am. Don’t want to say anything about the plot of the story. I want you to just go and watch and dive into it without any idea what the story is all about and let your heart and soul be sucked in it. I watched the film without any knowledge about it and I am telling you that it’s the best way to watch it.

7. I Want To Eat Your Pancreas

Okay! I know the title is somewhat disturbing but I swear this anime is beautiful. And heartbreaking. I watched it the same day I watched Hotarubi no Mori e and let’s just say that I got dehydrated from all the crying I did that day. As in grabe yung luha ko dito. Basang-basa yung tshirt ko. Haha.

8. DAY6GRAVITYinMNL tickets

Guess who’s seeing DAY6 on November 23! YES! IT ME! I can’t believe it. Just 4 months of hardcore fangirling and I am already given the chance to meet them and watch them perform live. I am so freaking excited!

Puro Japanese at Korean stuffs pala ‘tong list na ‘to. Did you have a good October bbs? I hope you had.

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