What Made My Month (September 2019)

Another late post. I have to say though that September was waaaaay better than the past few months. I didn’t have panic attacks and my brain was clearer. The only major downside was I got the flu so I was forced to rest for a few days and my commission works had to be delayed a little. Anyway. September was good. Hoping that the rest of the year will go better.

1. Violet Evergarden

Oh ho! I can’t remember now why I ended up watching the anime on Netflix but Lord. This is such a beautiful anime. I think I cried every episode. After finishing the anime, I tried reading the Light Novel and despite the different way the story was told, it’s equally beautiful. Give it a try. I’m sure at least one episode will tug at your heartstrings.

2. Free!

I don’t know why I suddenly downloaded Season 1 of this anime but I have no regrets. I still haven’t watched Season 3 because I recently started Shingeki No Kyojin but maybe this October I’d get to finish it. I found my anime husband in Free! Ultimate husbando! Makoto Tachibana! As in guys, patay na patay ako kay Makoto. Hindi ko gets sarili ko. Hahaha.

3. Semi-Quitting Social Media

As mentioned in previous post, I have semi-quitted social media. I have only quitted using my personal accounts on IG and FB. I also semi-stopped using my Twitter account but I still do pop in there every now and then. I realized that I wanted to live more privately. I feel like I’ve been sharing too much of my thoughts, shoving my personal beliefs and preferences into other people’s feeds and timelines. And I personally don’t like people like that so inadvertently, I ended up not liking the internet person I am becoming. So… there.

4. Rediscovering F4, Rainie Yang and Angela Zhang

Honestly, I don’t know what prompted me to suddenly search for Love’s Terrain by F4 on YouTube. I ended looking them up on Spotify and Lord. Ang saya-saya ko. Lol! I think I spent the next few days rediscovering their music. It gave me so much good feelings. I guess it’s because I grew up listening to their songs. I have so many good memories from F4.

Tawang-tawa pa ako kasi saulo ko pa lyrics sa Meteor Rain. Haha.

I also ended up looking for Wan Mei Bi Li by Rainie Yang and rediscovered Ai Mei! Lord! Who else in here misses Mike He and Rainie Yang on Devil Beside You? Huhu. Highschool days.

Aaaaand. I also redicovered Angela Zhang’s Yi Shi De Mei Hao and Journey which are both part of the OST of At The Dolphin Bay. And oh my God. I wept while listening to Journey on my way home. I believe I was crying until the fifth loop of the song. That’s how strong the meaning of that song is to me.

5. Lavendaire

I can’t remember when I started subscribing to her YouTube account but I only really started binge-watching her videos this month. And I’m telling you. Her content is everything! I can’t fathom how she is able to come up with such sensible topics to talk about. It’s crazy.

6. Tarot Reading

I was writing on my journal about my 2020 plans and action plans on achieving them. I wrote about studying tarot and astrology on it. A few days later I got myself a deck of tarot cards with the help of a friend. I know, it’s supposed to be my “2020 Plans” but it’s calling me. Hee. I still haven’t tried to actually study it but I tried bonding with my cards with already and I like to think that they like me.

7. Carole and Tuesday

I was looking for something to watch after finishing the 2nd season of Free! when I decided to just download the first 5 episodes of this anime in Netflix. Surprisingly, it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t anything as exciting as BNHA, or as entertaining as Haikyu!! or as heart-wrenching as The Promised Neverland but it’s nice.

8. Shingeki no Kyojin

As mentioned in number 2, I also recently started watching Shingeki no Kyojin. I just finished Season 2 but before I watch Season 3, I read the manga first. It’s amazing! I’m awed! I’m almost finished with the updated manga. I think I can finish it today. Ah! The only problem now is that the manga is only updated once a month. Ugh. The pain of waiting!

September was anime-filled month. Also, I’ve bee doing a lot of self-care this month. Detoxing is really nicee. And I mean overall detoxing. I think this is what I need.

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