Semi-Quitting Social Media (and Blogging)

Hello! I have decided to finally quit using my personal accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter a few weeks ago. Honestly, I want to COMPLETELY quit using Facebook and Instagram but I eventually decided against it because of my art accounts. They are not exactly doing well but I thought that I should just stick it out for a while until I truly know if I want to stop updating that as well.

Before I actually quit using my IG, I checked my app consumption and learned that I use it on an average of 7 minutes a day. That was quite a shock because I feel like I’m on Instagram all day everyday. Lol. But upon introspection, I realized that I actually just use it for posting real time IG stories. I don’t actually linger by scrolling and scrolling and scrolling down through other people’s posts. I don’t even watch other people’s stories that much.

There are two main reasons as to why I decided to quit using my personal social media accounts.

1. I overshare

2. I want to live more privately now

I wanted to expound on these reasons more but I am too lazy. Which brings me to the next point. I am thinking of quitting blogging too. I don’t have the drive to write anymore. I write almost everything in here half-assedly and I am not proud of that. I don’t know what happened. I used to be excited writing in here. I really don’t know what happened.

Anyway. This might be the last year I will be using this blog. I will be trying to just tie loose ends before I completely go MIA on all of you. Might try to finish the Hong Kong blog. And might finish this year’s What Made My Month. Might even write a 2019 Year-in-Review too. I don’t know. Nothing’s planned out yet. But thank you for all of you who stuck around despite my lame attempts at writing this year.

11 thoughts on “Semi-Quitting Social Media (and Blogging)”

  1. aw. will miss your posts, although i entirely understand the desire for privacy. :/ hope that you do write a little more in the future! i enjoyed your posts.


  2. Rest/detach if you need to, Krishel. Minsan kelangan talaga natin ng break para makapag-isip at makapag pahinga sa mga bagay-bagay. Just taper off for now, and come back strong and refreshed. 🙂


      1. Maybe need mo nga muna siguro mag disconnect – hindi lang yung “semi” kundi yung mas mahaba-haba pa, or as long as tingin mong kelangan pa. Kung saan ka man passionate, be it writing or painting or kung ano pa man yan, eventually babalik at babalik ka din dun. That’s for sure. Mahirap kase talikuran ang mga bagay na mahal talaga natin.

        At i-try mo din mag explore and get out of your comfort zone habang naka hiatus ka. It will surely help you discover new things and give different perspective in life. Best of luck, Krishel. 🙂


      2. Actually kuya, I already deleted all socmed apps on my phone so technically, hindi na sya semi. Hehe. Thank you po. I’m starting to explore other stuffs na din naman. Hoping not to be a hermit anymore na din po. I had zero social interaction since May! 😂


  3. I’m glad to see other people are semi-quitting social media too!! (I’m guessing as a New Years resolution and most people go back to it) I kept my writing account on Twitter but not my personals, and saved my Instagram account for family and friends. I’m going a full year without it!

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