What Made My Month (August 2019)

Soooooo. Wow! I genuinely forgot to write about this. Haha. August was weird. It wasn’t so bad but it wasn’t really good either. Pretty meh but it’s quite better than the other months, I must say.

Still no social life though. I’m slowly becoming a real hermit. I haven’t gone out with my friends or with anyone for that matter since May??? What a social recluse.

1. Stranger Things

We had a meeting with the whole cluster and our Manager and one of our co-workers said that Stranger Things is good. I’ve been meaning to watch this for a while already but I was wary because I was scared that it might not live up to the hype. But then, since I was almost finished with Food Wars! that time and I do not have anything else lined up, I decided to give it a try. Uhm, I believe I finished the three seasons in three days. Lol! Ang lala! I definitely am a binge-watcher. Di ako mapakali pag alam kong may kasunod pa akong papanuorin. But yeah, the show was actually good. My favorite character probably is Steve. I love his character development.

2. Konmari

I’ve been on all-time low for months already so I decided to fix some of the physical aspects of my life by trying to Konmari my closet. It’s most definitely some form of productive procrastination on my part but I like that it gave me that sense that I am actually getting my shit together so I enjoyed it very much. I was able to let go of so many clothes. Letting things go wasn’t really hard to be honest because I do not have any attachment with my clothes but the mere act of sorting which clothes I should and shouldn’t keep was pretty exhausting.

3. The Promised Neverland

This one is another show that I’ve been meaning to watch for a while already because I’ve seen a lot of people tweeting and raving about it. I didn’t give it a try though until ate Aila actually suggested it. I trust her anime suggestions. So after reading the latest update of Wotakoi, I immediately started reading the manga. I finished all of the released chapters in less than two days. It was so good. Emma, Norman and Ray is now my favorite trio next to Harry, Ron and Hermione. I watched the anime adaptation right after I finished the manga and it was nothing short of awesome. Ah! Reading it was an emotional rollercoaster ride. I’m in love!

4. Dr. Stone

Another suggestion from ate Aila. Haha. I am enjoying this one very much. I miss my grade school self. I used to read about those science discoveries and experiments that Senku is doing in the Stone world. And I love those stuffs. If only I could go back to those times when everything is new information and everything is simply a possibility. Hay! Dami kong feels sa palabas na ‘to kasi ang nostalgic. Science is amazing. I am currently waiting for the next episodes of the anime adaptation. Panuorin niyo guys! Aliw! Also. Senku is best boy! I soooo love his character.

5. Sleeping At Last

I was listening to Dodie while I was painting Ms. Val and this song called Venus started playing. I immediately fell in love and ended up listening to the whole Atlas album by Sleeping At Last. Ah! I am so in love with their songs. My current favorites are “East”, “You Are Enough”, “Light” and “Heirloom”. I might write more about the album when I finally got the time. Give it a listen if you like. Check it out here.

6. Weathering With You

Yah! I was waiting for this and I was not disappointed. I laughed and I cried. I was awed the whole film. What an art! My heart is with Hodaka. Honestly, “Your Name” have much more impact. Maybe because of the total quirkiness of the story (and it was the first of its kind that made it that big) and maybe because it was open-ended (you just can’t stop thinking of the possibilities). “Your Name” also has a bigger emotional impact, mas nakakaiyak. But somehow, I like “Weathering With You” better. I love Hodaka’s character. What solid characterization. I also love every supporting characters. They are much more memorable than the supporting characters in “Your Name”. Even Ame the cat is even more memorable than the support in “Your Name”. But maybe that’s just me. Haha. Anyway. Both films are beautiful. Shinkai is a genius!

And heeeey. I crocheted a teru teru bozu in tribute to Hodaka and Hina and Nagi! It took me four hours to finish that little one as I had to relearn single stitches, double crochets, increasing and decreasing. It was fun. Someone give me a yellow umbrella!

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