What Made My Month (July 2019)

I wasn’t really planning on writing this one but I suddenly got stranded last night because of the rain, so to kill time, I ended up writing a part of this. Only got to finish this today though. Hee.

I have literally done nothing this month except stare at my phone. True story. So these are the stuffs which occupied my eyes, ears, and mind for the whole month.

1. 7 Seeds Manga

I watched the anime version of this on Netflix and it was interesting but it felt kind of lacking. So I decided to check out the manga after reading in some corner of the internet that the character development I was looking for can be found in the manga. And whoa! I finished the uploaded chapters so quick. It is so good.

The setting is post-apocalypse Japan. Apparently, scientists have accurately calculated that asteriods would be hitting the Earth which would potentially cause another Ice Age. In preparation for it, they have tried different strategies to preserve life on Earth. One of the plans was putting seven attractive and healthy youths in a cryo sleep and when the computer system have decided that Earth is habitable again, the bodies would be thawed and they would wake up again. In the story, there were five teams namely: Summer A, Summer B, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Each team have seven members (aka the seeds) and one mentor who would guide them to survival. This story is so good. The phasing is so good. The character development is so good. The overall plot is so good. This is so good.

The manga is still ongoing and they release a new chapter every Saturday. Except last Saturday. I am not sure if they are currently on a break but dang! I want to read the next chapters already.

2. DAY6 Comeback

I think it’s no secret anymore that I adore DAY6. Last July 15, they had their comeback and their album called The Book of Us: Gravity is awesome. Their title track Time of Our Life finally gave them not just their first but also their second win. Ah! What a time to be a MyDay! I’m so glad I get to know them despite being kinda late.

3. Superband Finals

I think this one is no secret as well considering the three blog posts I have written about this show. I am still not over it. I still discover something new about the show everyday.

4. Ouran Highschool Host Club

I was watching random videos on Youtube and ended up watching really funny clips from Ouran Highschool Host Club. Decided to give the anime a try and I was not disappointed.

5. Food Wars!

I started watching this three days ago and I am already halfway through with Season 3. Haha. Eyebags galore. I actually stayed up until 4AM today because I couldn’t stop. So good! I am no foodie but even when I was young, I have always enjoyed watching cooking shows so this anime really appealed to me.

6. Book Haul

This is the only non-electronic device stuffs that gave me joy this month. I bought 8 books this month. Mostly Neil Gaiman books. But I haven’t read anything yet. I just keep on adding more and more books to my pile for when I get my reading streak back. Haha. The question is: Kelan kaya?

I hope that the coming months will be better and will be a bit more eventful.

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