Superband Group Performances – Personal Favorites Part 3

Here comes the third and last part of this Superband favorites series. Ah. It is just so cruel how this show had to end. I have gotten used to the fact already that every Friday I will have something new to watch and enjoy but now, I don’t have anything to look forward to anymore. Grabe! Ang drama. Haha. But this is true. I truly miss this show already.

Let’s enjoy their performances together.

Hold Back the River by Shin Ye Chan, Shin Gwang-il, and Lee Ju Hyuk

This is the start! I so love this performance that after this, I started to have this particular bias to this group. Ye Chan’s passionate violin playing. Ju Hyuk’s ethereal voice. Gwang-il’s many talents (he plays guitar, bass guitar, drums and he joined the show as a vocalist). I love them!

Creep by Kim Hyung Woo, Hong Jin Ho, Ha Hyunsang, and I’ll

My 1000x bbs were together again and they delivered once again. This is probably the saddest version of this song that I have ever heard. I just want to protect bb Hyunsang and bb I’ll at all cost. Bb Hyung Woo with that double bass and bb Jin Ho with his cello sounds so amazing.

Swim by Shin Gwang-il, Shin Ye Chan, Lee Ju Hyuk, and Cho Won Sang

When I found out that Yechaniii, Hyukiii and Gwang-il regrouped again I was ecstatic. I was wary though to see that they added Won Sang to the group because the three of them have so much chemistry and I am not sure how Won Sang would fit in. But! He was able to fit in so well. And boy, is he such a creative bank! He’s got mad producing skills.

Hoppipolla by Hoppipolla

This is another performance which just really connected with me despite not understanding any words from the song. And it’s not even in Korean. This is an Icelandic song. Proof that music really knows no barriers. I was shocked when Young So suddenly played electric guitar. Jin Ho’s cello always sound impeccable. And that vocal harmonization of Hyunsang and I’ll! So good! By the way, this is from Episode 12 where they started to have a band name already aka the best episode in this show! Lahat ng performance favorite ko. Haha.

Time After Time by After Moon

It took me 12 episodes to appreciate Kevin Oh! After this performance, I started really watching his other performances and they somehow ended up being my favorites. I can be really stupid sometimes. But man that bass guitar from Jong Hoon! And all that Dpole was doing with the keyboard and the synthesizer. And that bridge part sounded so good with the drums. I love this version so much.

Cry Bird by Lucy

This performance is a strong second favorite performance from the whole show. Their chemistry is over the roof! And this really sounds so bright and warm which I love. Once again, Won Sang proved his amazing producing skills! I also love how Lucy have their own style already.

To Be Decided by Moné

For some reason, Moné can’t win the hearts of the audience. Weird because they are so good. Musical technicality, stage presence, creativity and originality. They have it. But even though they get the highest scores from the judges they lost because of the audience votes. They wrote this song. Zairo taught Benji to play the bass in just 2 weeks. That amazing drummer. And Isaac and Woosung’s voices! They deserve better.

Dream On by Purple Rain

Looking for some rock and roll? This group has got you covered! Ah! My classical musician Lee Nau embracing his inner rockstar. I always love his feathery outfits. And Bo Hoon’s voice is so damn amazing! His stage presence is no joke. I have to admit though that rock and metal isn’t my style so I don’t really appreciate his performances as much as I should. But this one is just purely amazing.

Best of You by People on the Bridge

Lee Chansol’s vocals is just wow. He never disappoints. His performances may not be my favorites but they are always memorable. He’s never had a bad performance. And he can take on any genre. Galing. I love how everyone in this performance was so into it. Gigil na gigil sila sa mga intruments nila. Kyeopta!

Snooze by Lucy

Obviously, they have become my favorite group. I love their vibe. I love their style. I love their chemistry. They sound so fresh. And this is their first original song which is so lovely. I have said this in my Facebook timeline but they really are that group that performs well as a single unit. They are Lucy. They are not just Ye Chan’s violin, or Ju Hyuk’s voice, or Gwang-il’s drums, or Won Sang’s bass. They are Lucy.

Before the Sunrise by After Moon

I seriously love this song but I feel like I shouldn’t. But I can’t help it! This was composed by the bassist Jong Hoon and the lyrics were written by Kevin Oh. Kevin Oh. Kevin Oh. Kevin Oh’s speaking voice is so dreamy!

Wake Me Up by Hoppipolla

Honestly, I still prefer Creep but I love the little surprises in this performance. They decided to go a little bit off tangent from their usual ballads and did a country performance. They all looked so happy in this performance. And when I see Hyunsang and Jin Ho smile I am content!

Decided not to include their last performances because they are all so good anyway! I truly believe that the judges had a really hard time in this show. Everyone deserved to win. Everyone!!! I think it will take a while before I get engrossed on any talent shows again. This one set the bar so high!

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