Superband Group Performances – Personal Favorites Part 2

Hello! I’m back with the second part of my favorite Superband performances. This is technically part two but the first one was my favorite audition performances. This compilation is from the actual competition proper when they have started to make their own groups and let their creativity fly. I think this is what I love the most about this show.

They have creative freedom.

They get to choose their own bandmates. They get to choose their own songs. They have the freedom as to what instruments they are going to play and they have the freedom in the whole musical and stage production. The show allowed them to do their own thing. To learn and to grow with different talented humans. I am so in love with this show.

At first, I was so confused with the format of the show because JTBC does not provide English subtitles in their videos. Thankfully, some kind online chingus explained how the show goes. It took a while before I understood it but that didn’t stop me from enjoying their performances. I think it’s time that you do too.

Adventure of a Lifetime by Cho Won Sang, Lim Hyeong Bin, Lee Kang Ho, and Kim Young So

It took me quite a long while before I managed to watch this performance because this is the performance that trashed Viva La Vida by my OG trio which I love so much. It felt like by watching this, I will be betraying my bbs. Lol! But then, I decided to finally check this out to see how my trio lost to these quartet. And man! I still don’t think my trio deserves that 0:5 votes but this performance is SICK!!

Viva La Vida by Shin Ye Chan, Ha Hyunsang and Hong Jin Ho

This is still my favorite performance all throughout the show. This is the best performance. Fight me!!! Haha. I love how this trio loves each other so much. The relationship they formed because of this performance is no joke. They still dote on each other even after the show has already concluded and even if they somehow ended up on different teams. Well, Hyunsang and Jin Ho were in the same team but ah. I just love them! I love how they think so highly of each other.

Childhood Memories by Jung Sol, Hong Isaac, Lee Ja Won, and Lee Nau

This song sounds so magical. It gives me so much beautiful feelings. And this is an original so I have more appreciation for this. I mean, they wrote and composed this in just two weeks with people they barely know, either on a personal level or just the abilities they possessed so that’s just really amazing. The first time I watched this, I seriously cried and it’s funny because I don’t understand anything but there’s something about this song that just makes me so happy and so sad at the same time. This is just beautiful.

Marble by Ahn Sung Jin, Hwang Sung Min, Choi Young Jin, and Kim Gyu Moc

This is honestly one of the most interesting performances I have seen on the show. I love the geekiness of the mad scientist theme. And the awkward dance moves. So cute.

Virtual Insanity by Jung Sol, Lee Kang Ho, Cho Won Sang, and Ha Hyunsang

I don’t get how this got 0:5 votes again. This is really good. My bb percussionist did so well. I ship him with his cajon. He’s so happy whenever he plays his cajon. And Hyunsang’s voice is so sweet. I can’t even!

Is There Nobody by Shin Gwang-il, Kang Kyoung Yoon, Park Chan Young, and Kevin Oh

Kevin and Gwang-il’s voices killed me. I love how it sounds so soothing in the ears. When I read the english lyrics of this song and it just got so much better. I think this is my new favorite korean song.

Love Me Through the Night by Jo Gon, Shin Hyun Bin, and Zeebomb

This performance is so UNDERRATED. Jo Gon’s voice is like honey to my ears. He can sing to me all day everyday, honest. This song is Zeebomb’s own composition. It has an amazing groove and they have so much chemistry. I don’t understand how the judges cannot love this. Smile palang ni Hyun Bin nakakamatay na! Haha.

ILYSB by DPole, Mellow Kitchen, Kim Hyung Woo and Kim Woo Sung

This is the performance which introduced me to the show. Been obsessed with the band The Rose and their vocalist Woo Sung. Damn! I think this is the most popular performance in the show. Woo Sung’s voice is so gorgeous! And that glass thingy. I died!

Smooth by Jo Han Gyeol, Lee Si Young, and Zairo

I think this is the performance which made me fall in love with Zairo. Damn those guitar skills. And isn’t this version so sexy?

Home by Lee Nau, Kim Young So and Kim Woo Sung

I love the simplicity of this performance. Even if I don’t really understand the lyrics, it gave me the feeling that this is a beautiful song. When I researched about it, I found out that it is indeed a beautiful song.

1000x by I’ll, Hong Jin Ho, Kim Hyung Woo and Ha Hyunsang

The first group which really felt like a family to me. I love how the three did their best to bring the best out of Hyunsang who lost his confidence after losing twice in a row. Such supportive mother I’ll, father Jin Ho and brother Hyung Woo. Haha. I love Hyung Woo’s bass guitar in this. And Jin Ho’s cello! And please, I would really fight all the judges for making Hyunsang sad. The way he almost cried. My heart!

These performances are from Episodes 3 to 8 by the way. Ah! This is so hard to finish. I kept on rewatching and rewatching and rewatching their performances. So good.

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