Superband Audition Performances – Personal Favorites Part 1

This is going to be a video heavy post. As I have mentioned before I had been enjoying this Korean reality TV show called Superband by JTBC and even though it had already ended last July 12, I am still quite not over it. I have so many thoughts but I can’t put them into words and I don’t have anyone to geek about it with. So, I decided to just compile all the performances from the show which blew me away. This is basically just for myself but maybe someone else will come across this post and will luckily discover these talents that seriously needs to be appreciated.

This will be a three-part post. This first one is a compilation of the contestants’ solo or group audition performances. It is crazy how much their country is brimming with so much talented humans. And nope, I am not talking about the Idols who sing and dance. I am talking about these people in this show. Such talented and underrated humans. Part 2 and 3 which are my favorite group performances after they had passed the audition will probably be posted tomorrow and the day after tomorrow or basta later this week. Interested? Stay tuned!

So now, here are my favorite audition performances. With bits and pieces of my random thoughts.

All I Want by Ha Hyunsang

I have always loved this song by Kodaline ever since it was released as part of the OST of The Fault In our Stars. But this cover is just so beautiful and heartfelt. Hyunsang’s voice is beautiful.

Intro+3 by Jung Sol

I adore this percussionist. I actually can’t believe he got eliminated in the early stages of the competition because he’s got such a unique talent. Look at him looking so happy while performing!

Everglow by Lee Chansol

He is one of my early favorites in this show. Such beautiful voice. And he always delivers. I don’t think he had any bad performances.

Vincent by Gift (Lee Ju Hyuk and Kim Hyung Woo)

Ah! His voice! It initially made me think of the band Passengers. It gave me that vibe but then they are actually pretty different. While I was watching this my father suddenly started singing along. He doesn’t usually bother with whatever I am watching so they must have been really good to catch the attention of my father.

Rush by Lim Hyeong Bin

Man! His guitar skills are enviable. Just watching this makes me wish that I know how to play the guitar. Actually, this show makes me wish that I can play different instruments.

Remember by Kevin Oh

This is an original song. Isn’t his voice soothing? His first performance that I was able to see was the Fireflies one and I didn’t like it very much so I have to stupidly admit that I didn’t really paid that much attention to him despite him being an eyecandy. But then he grew on me when he performed Time After Time. And then there was no going back after that. Hee.

Penetrate by Lee Jong Hoon

I have never really appreciated bass guitars until very recently when I started watching certain YouTube videos about bands/music. And luckily, it was timely with this show. Now, I was able to appreciate this performance better. So good!

Diba!? So much talent! I wish the show would just go on forever. Hay!

8 thoughts on “Superband Audition Performances – Personal Favorites Part 1”

  1. gusto ko din yung all I want!! ang ganda ng boses. grabe sana all!! pero pansin ko nga din na bat kaya ang super talented ng mga tiga korea. sa i can see you voice palang na show nila, dami na underrated na singers. HAHAHAHAHAHA check ko nga itong show na ituuu.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Naenjoy ko sya! Galing! Di ko pa napapanood siguro lahat pero as of now gusto ko din yung Viva La Vida tapos personal fave ko yung Castle on the Hill. Natutuwa ako dun sa Cello player.

        Liked by 1 person

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