What Made My Month (June 2019)

I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who feels that 2019 is going way too fast. Seriously! We’re halfway through already. I honestly don’t know what to feel. I am somehow frustrated but really, I’m more on the “I don’t care anymore” with whatever is happening right now. And all I can think about is I want to disappear for a few days so I can reset life. If resetting is even possible. Haaaay!

But musically, this is a good month. I have discovered a lot of new music and musicians and I am so in love with them and I am going to share all the lovelies to you guys.

1. Catching Up with College Friends

My college buddies Rona and Jen made plans to meet because we haven’t seen each other for more than a year already. Naku! Kung hindi pa ako nagbirthday hindi pa kami magkakausap at makakapagplano. We ended up spending only half a day with each other but we were able to talk about so much stuffs. How I missed those two. I am so proud of the woman they are right now.

2. The Rose

As mentioned in previous post, my discovery of the band “The Rose” was purely accidental. Their song just suddenly played on Spotify and I immediately liked it so I decided to listen to them more and I just fell in love with them. They were originally called “Windfall” with only three members: Park Do Joon, Lee Ha Joon and Lee Jae Hyeong. Kim Woo Sung was the last member to join the band and then they debuted in 2017 as “The Rose” under J&Star Company. At first, I wondered why is there an immediate appeal of this band to me. They have very few released songs but I love each and every song. When I researched more about them, I found out that their genre is British-pop and I just nodded to myself and said, “I see!”

Ah! I love them! I love the four of them! They sound amazing. They write their own songs. They are all goofs. I LOVE THEM! There is a video in YouTube which is a 3-minute compilation of Ha Joon laughing and I swear it gives me so much good vibes everytime I watch it. His laugh is the weirdest.

3. JTBC’s Superband

While trying to watch every single video of The Rose on the Internet, I came across a video of Woo Sung covering ILYSB by Lany with a different band. It was so great but I was very confused why he was with different people. And that ladies and gentlemen became my introduction to JTBC’s Superband. It is a reality show in Korea which aims to form a band, or should I say a superband. Different contenders get to pair with different people and form a new band every week.

You guys have no idea how obsess I am in this show. It is frustrating how JTBC does not provide subtitle in their videos but I still watch it anyway. Hahaha. The show is so good and it showcases the different talents of each individual. I have my favorites but there is no denying that every single one of them brims with so much talent.

Check out this video of Viva La Vida of Coldplay performed by Hyun Sang, Ye Chan and Jin Ho. This is still my favorite performance in the show thus far. Such a pure joy to watch them. Currently though, my favorite group is the Lucy group lead by Ju Hyuk together with Ye Chan, Gwang-Il and Won Sang. I love their chemistry. Watch their performance of Swim and Cry Bird. They are clearly enjoying themselves.

4. DAY6

Aaaah! I am being sucked into the Krock world. The band DAY6 is another Korean band that I have started to listen to. Damn! They sound so good. The band consists of five members: Sung Jin, Young K, Jae, Won Pil and Do Woon. Everyone except Do Woon are tenors but they just sound so amazing. I love how all of their songs (I have listened to their every song in Spotify) sounds so bright. And there’s so much warmth to their music. It’s like a hug honestly. Ah! And I love how they write their own songs as well.

5. Novena for OMPH Feast 2019

I was able to do the Novena for Our Mother of Perpetual Help Feast 2019. I did most of the Novena at St. Michael Chapel at BGC on mornings before I go to work. I am praying for someone and I hope that it she will receive the blessing that she deserves. Haven’t really committed to it in such a while that it was honestly a struggle. I am so happy I was able to do it.

Did you guys have a good month of June? Honestly, I spent most of my free time just watching videos on YouTube so I was not very productive and have very little social life but yeah. Overall, June was not a very good month. Been spacing out a lot more and had many lapses at work which isn’t a good thing. I need to do something.

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