Art Dump: June 2019

Henlo. It’s been a while. I don’t even have any explanation for my lack of posts lately except that I am just so lazy nowadays. I am seriously considering deleting this blog because I don’t find any enjoyment in this anymore. But when I further reflected on it, I realized that even making art and reading books does not bring me any pleasure lately so maybe I’m just really in a weird phase. It’s been six months and I have read only one book! Only one! Something is most definitely off and I honestly don’t know how to get past this ordeal that’s been overstretching itself for months already. I feel like I am being robbed off of everything good in life because of my current mental state and it stresses me out even more.

Anyway, despite finding it hard to find enjoyment from all the activities which used to give me so much happiness, I still find myself going back to art. I don’t exactly like my outputs, in fact, they give me so much ugly feelings, but there is an itch that wouldn’t go away unless I go and make something.

I managed to paint two portraits this June. I was planning to paint another one today but I was rewatching Boku No Hero Academia the whole day. Hahaha. But here goes my two artworks for the month.

Canson XL Aquarelle | W&N Cotman

I was listening to Jong Hyun’s (+) song called “Before Our Spring” on Spotify when the song “She’s In the Rain” by The Rose played right after. The few English lyrics in the song struck me hard so I told myself that I would listen to more of The Rose the next day. But then, I ended up spending the next couple of hours watching their music videos and their other random videos on the Internet. Needless to say, I became an instant #BlackRose. They are so good. I tried to paint my current bias Park Do Joon. Although, honestly I love the four of them. They are all so talented. I might write more about them tomorrow. Hee.

Canson XL Aquarelle | W&N Cotman

I was lurking in Pinterest and I noticed that V’s photos kept on popping on my feed. And so I thought, why not paint him (even though I’m no BTS fan). He is so pretty. Actually, I only know V and RM from BTS. Hihi. And there’s only like two songs of them that I know. I hope that not being a fan would not invalidate my appreciation of V’s beauty.

I have ideas in mind on what/who to paint this coming July and I hope I will be able to execute it well. Mercury retrograde. Please be good to me.

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