What Made My Month (May 2019)

This month was dream-like in the way that it was very hazy. Like I haven’t really been here nor there. There were very few moments when I felt present. But the whole month was just really… I don’t know. It felt like I am separated from reality. Like I was just floating around with this fog constantly surrounding me, making me see things distortedly. I think I have never mentioned this to anyone before but ever since I was in highschool, I have always felt disconnected from the world. And I have trouble remembering things. Although, I think I have mentioned it to some of my friends about how awed – but at the same time frustrated – I was that they can remember things which happened from highschool. Because even though I was also there, I have no recollection of the memories they have that I was supposed to share with them.

It is very annoying to be always in this dream-like state. I thought before that maybe I was just daydreaming too much but just recently (like 2017 recent) I realized that I am really just spacing out a lot and not daydreaming or thinking of anything really.

I realized that I was just really not there. Mentally.

Maybe I should have written this on a different post but whatever. So hi! May was so hazy that I had to watch my IG stories May archive and backread my Twitter posts just so I could remember if anything interesting actually happened this month. And I found a few good stuffs.

1. The Bloom Tour

I can’t believe I forgot about this! It honestly feels like the concert happened so long ago already and not just this May. But boy! This is the best thing that happened this May. Troye is a gift from the Heavens really.

2. Art Page

Oh hi! I made a Facebook page for Artsyfartsylulu. I didn’t know running an actual Page can demand so much from you. I have always wanted to separate my Art from my personal stuffs but I was honestly anxious of making a page because I feel like no one would actually bother with it. I ended up inviting the people from WordPress first to like my page because you guys have always been supportive of my Art and I just worked up the courage to invite more and more people to like my page. Check it out here.

3. Why Am I Like This EP

Ah! Orla my girl released an EP last May 24 and it is hella great. Her “Overthinking” have been on loop ever since. It is so comforting to listen to her words because it feels validating. Existential bop is really is my kind of bop. Or maybe I’m just really in love with Orla!

Sobrang onti ng nagpasaya saken this month no? Haha.

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