What Made My Month (April 2019)

What a lovely month for new discoveries in science and humanity. Can’t help but be thrilled with reading about all of these recent developments especially in Astronomy.

This month though is crazy. What happened to Notre-Dame de Paris was truly heartbreaking. The attack in Sri Lanka was completely horrendous. The earthquakes which hit Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao were all pretty alarming. But life goes on. We can only hope and believe that tomorrow will be better.

Anyhow, here are some of the things which occupied and made my month.

1. First Image of a Black Hole

What a breakthrough in Science! You don’t know how hyped I was about this. I admit that I don’t understand the algorithm part of it all but even just the general idea of how they were able to execute this is just astounding to me. Try watching the video of Veritasium explaining the photo of the black hole. Or read this article written by Phil Plait. It’s awesome!

2. New Species of Ancient Human

A recently discovered fossil in the Philippines, dubbed as Homo Luzonensis, is an ancient human species that is predicted by scientists to be one of the most important finds in the coming years. Why is it important? Simply because it is a game changer. It is an addition to the evidences against Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Seems like our evolution is not as linear as what his theory claims to be.

It is believed that the firsts of the homo species came from Africa. I have learned recently that our mitochondrial DNA can only be inherited from mothers. And it can be traced to a single “Mitochondrial Eve” who/which is from Africa from 200,000 years ago. Literally blew my mind when I learned about it. However, I have also read that very recently, there are unique cases which prove that mitochondrial DNA can also be inherited from both parents. It is interesting because I read that this bi-parental inheritance of mitochondrial DNA happens mostly on mushrooms and yeasts, and the animal kingdom was said to be dominated by maternal inheritance. Mind-blown again. Biology is complicated but oh so interesting.

3. Blackpink

Contrary to people’s usual perception of me, I’m not really a huge Kpop fan. My boy group knowledge is limited to Big Bang, Super Juniors, Shinee, and UKiss. Okay maybe a little bit of EXO because my sister was such a fan. I don’t know any other boy group aside from them. [Ay chos, may MBLAQ pa nga pala.] And the only girl groups I actually paid attention to is 2ne1 and Girls Generation. Lately though, I was sucked into the world of Kpop again when I started to love Blackpink.

Don’t ask me why because I don’t know as well. I’ve been listening to them for quite a while already (since Ddu Du Ddu Du) but Kill this Love did it for me. I am an official Blink now and Lisa is my girl.

I’m so excited for tomorrow (May 1) because I will be seeing my boy Troye for the first time. May is also my birth month and as usual I am not looking forward to it. Oh, how I hate birthdays.

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