Art Dump: April 2019

Another month is ending. I repeat, another month is ending. What have you guys achieved so far? Me? I don’t know. I thought I am already having a good grasp of my mood management but who am I kidding. Just last Thursday, I practically ran to Church to bawl my eyes out. Hee. I have been moody (acting mean to some people), distant (deactivated Facebook), and fickle (activated Facebook again after a few days). But I am trying. I am trying.

Oops. That is a life update that I am supposed to share for tomorrow’s post but whatever.

So let’s talk a little about art. I was planning to write a “Why I Paint Portraits” essay/ post but I realized that I do not have an honest answer nor a comprehensive explanation to that. To think that I have been sketching/ painting portraits for about six years already. I am still dwelling on this as of the moment. Why do I paint portraits? What do I get with painting portraits? I have tried reading articles about why artists paint portraits to see if I will come across something that will make me go, “YES! THAT’S WHY I PAINT PORTRAITS!” but information about it is very scarce and I read nothing that made me understand this need that I have to paint people.

Why do you think people paint portraits? Have you got any theories on that?

Cansol XL | W&N Cotman

Lalisa Manoban

Cansol XL | W&N Cotman

Billie Eilish

Cansol XL | W&N Cotman

Ben Platt

Cansol XL | W&N Cotman

Tricia Gosingtian-Gabunada

7 thoughts on “Art Dump: April 2019”

  1. Beautiful art, as always, Krishel. ā™” I am curious about why people feel the need to paint portraits or landscapes & etc. now that you bring it up.

    I think some minds are just dripping with creativity, like yours.

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