Art Dump: March 2019

Henlo! I joined the #doodlewashMarch2019 challenge but I wouldn’t be posting each and every artwork I made this month in here because some were just downright hideous. Also, I still have two artworks to make. Anyhow, I’m just here to share the few ones that I ended up really liking. And to say that my art is still alive. Somehow.

I’ve been posting my works almost daily on Facebook and I noticed that the works I truly liked weren’t really liked that much by other people. While the ones I don’t particularly liked garnered more likes from other people.

This made me think if that should affect the kind of art that I want to create. Should I make art that I need to see? Art that speaks to me. Or should I make art that people need to see? Art that speaks to them.

Should I make art for art’s sake? Or should I make art for life’s sake?

7 thoughts on “Art Dump: March 2019”

  1. Day 8! ❤ I think kailangan mo hanapin yung balance. Create something for you pero something your viewers can relate to? Medyo mahirap ata yung sinabi ko, pero personaly, mas gusto ko yung para sayo… kasi gusto ko din nakikita bakit yun ang interpretation mo dun, ganon 🙂

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