A Bunch of People I Know and Didn’t Know

I was in the office and I decided that I was going to get some ice cream. On my way there, I saw Izy and after giving him a hug and telling him to wait for me, I went to the rest room instead of getting that ice cream. When I went out again to see Izy, I noticed that he was with Kakang Senio and Mamay Ote already. Mamay Ote was signing some papers and then the ballpen in his hand snapped and as I was about to give Mamay a new pen he pulled out a spare one from his pocket as if that wasn’t weird at all. Mamay had really bad eyesight for the longest time so for him to read and sign some papers, that was just really out of place.

And then, suddenly I was on my way home to Batangas. When I was already riding a jeepney home, I saw Roger queueing outside Mango Lab. I jumped down the jeepney and joined him. We then, called Karen and Yayin to join us as well. I clearly remember buying cheesecakes (I don’t even know if they are selling cheesecakes) but when we got home it became halo-halo. After eating our cheesecakes which turned to halo-halos, I immediately had to go back to Manila because I apparently left some stuff in the office. I went to the boarding house instead and found out we had new boardmates who were all male foreigners. They smelled outrageous that I felt like puking right then and there. And then, they started bullying us by letting us do all sort of chores for them.

And then I woke up.

This is a March 24 dream. I think I’m missing so many people lately.

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