Shawn Mendes in my Art School

I was running. And it felt like I was running late for something. My chest was heaving and my legs were starting to give out when someone suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me with him as he ran towards a nearby building. We then climbed the stairs to the second floor and entered a small classroom. All the wooden armchairs where occupied except for two. Short of breath and with tons of sweat running down our backs, we barely made it but we got there just in time.

And then, the bell rang. We rushed towards our seat and everyone started pulling out folders from their bags. Even I eventually did. I didn’t know what was inside the folder, I didn’t try to open it despite dying with curiosity. Curiosity which began to dissolve when someone entered the room.

I was dumbstruck. A gorgeous human being in the form of Shawn Mendes was now standing in front of us and talking about art. And I did not understand a thing. All I know was that Shawn freaking Mendes was talking in front of us.

And then, I was now suddenly in a field. I was still with the guy I was running with earlier (it was Kirishima of Boku No Hero Academia) and he told me that he needed to go to the toilet so I should just stay put while he went and looked for one. I then saw my College professor and we had a talk. She told me that she wanted to see my art portfolio because she heard a lot of good things about it. When I reached for my bag I saw that my folder wasn’t there. And then I remembered that I left it in the classroom where we had a class with Shawn Mendes. I told my College professor that I haven’t even seen what was in my portfolio so I’d really like to see it for myself first. Kirishima was suddenly back and he said that he’d go with me to get my portfolio back. We tried to go back to our school building but we now couldn’t find it. And apparently, we were in Maldives and I saw some of my cousins who were apparently on their vacation there. I asked them if they saw our school but they said they didn’t. So Kirishima and I kept looking for the building but we really couldn’t find it. And then out of nowhere, Shawn showed up and handed me my portfolio. As I was about to open it, I suddenly woke up.

I kind of died last night I guess? Got home at around 9PM and I had no recollection whatsoever how I managed to change my clothes and how I climbed up my bed. I just suddenly woke up and it was already 4:30 AM. Lol! Also, I dreamt. And this was the dream.

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