What Made My Month (February 2019)

Wow! Where did February go? Is it seriously already over? My head can’t wrap around that fact just yet. Wow! And I don’t know how I’m going to write this and if I will actually be able to write something, but let’s try? Game!

*This will be published in its rawest form so pardon all the mistakes.

1. Rediscovering Old Music

Okay. They may not be that old but I haven’t heard them for years and now I’m falling in love with them again. “No One’s Gonna Love You” by the Band of Horses and “Not a One” by The Young Wild. If I am not mistaken I discovered “No One’s Gonna Love You” through Taylor Swift’s Twitter back in 2009. She used to post some songs she was loving back then. Ah, those days. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon “Not a One” though. Probably in 8tracks. But the first time I heard it I instantly liked it. I am so glad that I heard them again.

2. Haikyu!!

Am I too old for anime? I hope I am not. But even if I am I don’t mind. I honestly didn’t think I’d fall in love with another anime after I fell in love with Boku No Hero Academia. Even though ate Aila was so sure I would love it, I was kind of skeptical because I love BNHA so much. But now, I am so obsessed with this anime. Even though I just finished the three seasons, I had to immediately rewatch it again. Yep. Totally obsessed! Season 2 is by far my favorite. I just love how there’s so many lovable characters introduced in that Season. As in I love all of them. I actually miss my Haikyu!! babies already. My Suga and Bokuto. Haaaay!

3. Deactivating Facebook

I found out that Facebook has a tracker telling the average amount of time that you use the app everyday and it said that my average is one hour and seven minutes per day. I spent one hour and seven minutes scrolling through it everyday. God! What a waste. On an average as well, I use Instagram thirty minutes a day but I can’t let go of Instagram yet. And Twitter for that matter. Haha. So I decided Facebook is the one to go. And it’s nice to have one less app on my phone. But it only lasted 18 days. I’m back again. Lol!

4. Why Am I Like This by Orla Gartland

Orla my girl released her song called “Why Am Like This” and I am so happy because ever since she uploaded it on her YouTube channel last September, it had already been my jam. Well, it is sad how much I can see myself in the song but I also feel seen and validated. I mean, come on! These lyrics:

It’s like I’m looking down from the ceiling above

Never in the moment, never giving enough

Let’s go out and shout the words we never say

I got my mistakes on loop inside my head

Inside my head

So good Orla! So so good!

5. Tokyo Ghoul

After rewatching Haikyu!!, I decided not to start another anime until March. I ended up watching a Japanese drama series and two Korean dramas (one is still ongoing). So I don’t know why I suddenly continued watching Tokyo Ghoul. I actually started it right after watching Boku No Hero Academia last January but found it too gory for my liking. So I really don’t know why I decided to watch it again. But damn. This anime consumed me. It really consumed me. It’s not the best I guess but I was just so gripped. I am now reading the manga to fill all the holes in the anime so this Tokyo Ghoul obsession isn’t going to end anytime soon. Ugh! Someone stop me.

Okay. Ako na walang social life this month. Haha. At ako na din ang hindi talaga productive. Jusko. Sino ba nagpauso ng anime. Mga Japanese talaga oo. I hope you guys had a better February. Feeling ko dumaan lang talaga sya.

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