Giving Birth and Falling in Love

I felt something moved inside my tummy. A jolt. A faint but sudden blow. Like something small was trying to punch me from inside. Curiously, I lift my shirt up and saw that something was indeed moving beneath the surprisingly very much stretched skin across my stomach. I was watching it for a few minutes already, totally enamoured, when I suddenly felt such pain. Looking around, I saw my sister and I told her that she needs to bring me to the hospital. I think I was going into labor.

My sister didn’t think twice. We started walking towards a hospital. Bumped into an Uncle and he asked where we were going. Told him I was going into labor. Apparently, no one knew about the pregnancy, not even I, but my Uncle did not even looked surprised when I told him that I was going to give birth.

We got to the hospital and I don’t know how it happened but I guess I had an easy labor and the next thing I know, I already gave birth to a baby boy. And it was so weird because he only came to life when I touch him. If I leave him, he turns into this really tiny and lifeless doll. But when I am with him, boy, he becomes the most beautiful creature I have ever seen.

And I fell in love with this tiny and beautiful human. I felt so much love when I look at him although I can’t really remember how he actually looked like now. It felt like my heart would burst everytime he was in my arms. But at the same time, I have never felt more at ease and calm.

And then he turned into a matchstick.

Oh wow! My last post in this dream diary series was exactly a year ago. I guess it’s time to bring this back and document my journey to the world of dreams again. Hee. I think I’m praying too much for so many couple to finally conceive that it’s starting to manifest into my dreams. Pero bakit ako yung nagbubuntis?

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