What Made My Month (January 2019)

Oooy! January was pretty long, no? It felt to me like it dragged itself for as long as it could and dude! What a long and tough month it had been! Well, for me it was tough. And well, I’m pertaining to it as mentally tough. I don’t know. I had frequent bouts of anxiety attacks and mini-breakdowns which weren’t really fun! I was just feeling very off EVERY FREAKING DAY and I just wanted to seclude myself and avoid human interactions as much as possible. And you know what’s worst? I actually don’t mind if I don’t talk to people. I feel like I don’t even want to connect with people so I am seriously not even trying to connect. Friends have been messaging me, tweeting me, asking me how I am doing or just plainly talks about something that might possibly engage me but I can’t, for the life of me, keep the conversations going. And I don’t know. I have such very low tolerance on people lately. Everything just ticks me off. And it’s oh so annoying.

Okay. Wow! What a way to start my “What Made My Month” this year. Anyhow. Despite all these internal war going on inside my brain with low-key wanting to be a social recluse and wanting to live a good life, I actually had some amazing moments this month, too. So let’s get to this month’s list and relive the good things kasi maglalaba pa ako. Hahaha.

1. New Year with Fam and Friends

We always welcome the New Year as a family and even though I cried on the first hour of 2019 because I was *surprise* panicking, it was still an amazing moment to be able to face the new year with the fam. I was not able to fully enjoy the fireworks and the food with my wanting to run back into my room to hide and cry but I still tried my best to enjoy it. Oh, God knows I tried. I just wasn’t very successful at that.

Also, on the latter part of the first day of January, some of my high school friends went to our house to basically just chill and plan some first getaway for 2019. They ended up planning a staycation in Tagaytay for the coming weekend that night in our house. Ah! Hindi nga lang ako nakasama. Haha. But still. Highschool friends definitely are forever friends. Uy! Very on brand with our highschool graduation song. Haha.

2. Regularization

The first day of going back to work welcomed me with getting regularized at work. What a blessing!

3. EK with the Sibs

Before my brother went back to Japan for work, we decided around Christmas last year to go to Enchanted Kingdom. We were actually planning to go there at December 29th but the weather did not cooperate so we rescheduled it to January 5th. And it was fun. My feet hurt with the endless queueing but I still enjoyed it very much. They have this new attraction called “Agila” which, despite the annoyingly freaking long queueing time, was actually a pretty decent attraction. Talo lang talaga sa haba ng ipinila na sobrang boring kasi as in pila lang sya. I am hoping that EK will devise some sort of interactive activity while queueing instead of just idly walking around this pretty amazing building which have so much potential. Sayang eh.

4. Daily Journaling

As I have mentioned, I was feeling very off everyday and to combat that, I have decided to go and look more into it so I could get to root of things and find out whatever it is that is wrong with me. I ended up buying a new and pretty dotted notebook and started another daily journal. Three weeks into it and I am kind of deducing that I might probably have self-destructive tendencies. Pota! Help me guys!

5. My Hero Academia

Huy! This is honestly the best and the worst thing that has ever happened to me this January. It is the best because this anime is so so so freaking good I am so so so obsessed with it but it’s also the worst because I am dying to watch the next season which won’t come out until October this year pa! JuskoLord! Help!

6. Bloom Tour Tickets

Guess who’s finally seeing the Troye boy on May 1st? Yep! It me! I am honestly so stoked that I’m going to see him, albeit far, and watch him perform live. It’s one of my dreams. Been a fan of the boy since his The Fault in Our Stars song. Ah. Good old YouTube days. It’s amazing how things like this happen. I just used to dream to see David Archuleta and Oh Wonder and Lea Salonga and now I have actually seen them. And this time it will be Troye! The musical gods are so good to me. Bence Peter naman po ang next ha? Tsaka Dodie please! Hala! Demanding.

7. Dodie’s Human EP

My girl Dodie did it again. I swear every music she releases instantly becomes my favorite. And this EP is not any different. Every single song is so good. I am so proud of her. My ultimate favorites from her EP is “If I am Being Honest” and “Burned Out” and okay okay. I love every single song. So so so good!

Sooooo. Despite all the turmoil inside my head, life is actually pretty good. Yung brain cells ko lang talaga yung may problema. I am hoping that things will get better over the next few months. I am hoping that this is just a phase. I feel like I overshared again in this post. Kaso tinatamad ako mag-edit. Brain dump kung brain dump.

How did January treat you guys? I’m hoping you had a grand one!

3 thoughts on “What Made My Month (January 2019)”

  1. January just flew by and I can’t believe it. And I still haven’t finished that January cover for the BuJo I’m trying to maintain. And I’m also still not yet done reading with the first out of 30 (or less) novels I have to read in preparation for Comps. Aaaahhhh…

    I’m one of those people who would want to stop January from transitioning to February. Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. January was ewan! We’ll get through this. There’s nothing we can do but to get through this. Haha. February na. Wala na tayong magagawa. Kaya tapusin mo na yung BuJo mo for January. Nakakahiya naman sa Feb. Haha.


  2. I feel you on wanting to just be a recluse sometimes. I don’t think you overshared at all! 🙂 Happy February! I hope things quiet down in your head. ♡


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