Art Dump: January 2019

For weeks and weeks, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I didn’t even feel like I wanted to do something. I felt sort of “obligated” to create something but I couldn’t and I felt so bad about that. I wrote very much sporadically, practically read nothing and created nothing as well. But I didn’t want to dwell on it so much or maybe I just really didn’t have the energy to think about it so much so I just considered the most part of November and the whole of December as my creative downtime. With that November transition at work and flying to Hong Kong and the Holiday festivities, I think it was pretty valid to have some down time with art. Ugh! Excuses!

Anyhow. It took me seven weeks before I touched my brushes and paints again and going back to it was a serious struggle. You have no idea how excruciatingly difficult it was to start again. When artists say that you have to spend at least thirty minutes of every day to draw, it really is a must. Because if you don’t, those creative hands will really get rusty! And not just your hands, your creative juices will really dry up.

Canson Aquarelle XL | Winsor and Newton Cotman

So January 1st. We all wanted to start a habit every new year with the hope of being able to keep at it until the end of the year but who are we kidding? Procrastination and lack of focus always gets us. Ha! Or maybe that’s just really me. I managed to paint this one on the first day of January and spent some time away from my paints and brushes again for the next two weeks. Hee. I was trying to gradually go back to it. After that two weeks, I was able to do some practice works and actually work on a commission piece! So yay for that. I haven’t been really active with posting artworks but I’m actually working and practicing my craft!

Canson Aquarelle XL | Winsor and Newton Cotman

I watched this YouTube video where the artist shared her professor’s advise to never say what you don’t like about your art when you are presenting it and it was such a game changer. It went straight to my heart. I am someone who always talk my art down. Always finding fault in what I create. In fact, I really feel like criticizing this particular piece. There’s so much to point out in this one but nope we are not going there! I am just happy that I was able to finish this. And I am slowly learning patience. I am someone who makes watercolor portraits in one sitting. No matter how long it takes, give it two hours or six hours, I need to finish it in one sitting. I don’t know why but that’s just how I used to roll. But this one. I actually finished this three days after I started it. So I guess that’s me learning how to really take my time in making art. Because there’s no rush. There’s no rush.

I realized that this is more of a brain dump than an art dump really. Not going to share everything I painted because some of them are really hideous. Hee! Here’s to creating more this 2019!

4 thoughts on “Art Dump: January 2019”

  1. Ah these are both absolutely beautiful pieces, Krishel. I like that advice of not criticizing your work when you present it & that’s so lovely you’re learning patience & not to rush. I am always in a hurry.

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