Hong Kong 2018 Part 1 – Tsim Sha Tsui and Mongkok

Hello! I had recently came back from my first out-of-the-country trip with two of my friends and I am going to share with you some of the things that happened on that trip while they are still fresh from my memories. Don’t expect anything from this. I have no idea how to write a travel post so this is just written the way I usually write things. Sort of journally, I must say.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading this though. Let’s go!

Got a window seat on my first plane ride. I was actually waiting for some kind of epiphany since it was my first flight but I got no such thing. I enjoyed leaping through the clouds though, and seeing a rainbow from above, and witnessing this really gorgeous gradient naturally made by the November 30th sunset.

We stayed in a hotel in Tsuen Wan which was conveniently situated near two train stations. We could opt to just walk a little to either Tsuen Wan Station or Tai Wo Hau Station to make our way around Hong Kong. But since our booking with the hotel included airport-to-hotel transfer and vice versa, we need not have to immediately figure out their train system upon arrival.

Hong Kong airport looked really charming at night by the way. Look at all those pretty fairy lights.

But first, selfie.

Since we arrived at night, we weren’t really able to do anything else except rest once we checked-in at the hotel. The next day, we joined the half-day city tour care of the travel agency where we booked our hotel. Most of the travellers with us were fellow Filipinos as well. But we also had some Malaysian and Indian families in our group.

We had dimsum for breakfast which is a Chinese breakfast staple. I didn’t really enjoy it because I’m allergic to shrimps and I’m not a fan of oily foods which they seem to be really particular with. I really like the char siu bao (barbecue pork bun) though. And that puto-like thingy they served. I’m not sure but I think it was a sponge cake. It was really delish.

Throughout our stay in Hong Kong, birds that huge had been a regular sight. I considered them as good omens. Really, really good omens.

We visited this place at Sung On Street where they manufacture Feng Shui jewelleries. We weren’t allowed to take photos inside so we just ogled at all the jewelleries. I love how the woman who talked about their feng shui jewelleries never considered their products as lucky charms or whatever. She said that wearing feng shui only gives people confidence. Because once they wear it, they started believing that luck is on their way. And when you believe that luck is on its way to you, it will really come to you. Law of attraction ba mga bes.

Kudos to this grandpa. There were literally no car in sight for at least a couple of minutes but he never tried to cross the street until the lights went green. Discipline at its finest.

We then went to this place (I don’t know where it was because I wasn’t listening to the tour guide) but we rode a ferry there which looked like the photo above.

Our ferry operator. This was our first encounter with old people working in Hong Kong. Going around Hong Kong you would notice that most old people there still work for a living. Which is pretty sad to be honest. But the cost of living in Hong Kong is really pretty high so it is pretty understandable that everyone needs to work.

One of my many #shoefie! After the ferry ride which costed 60HKD per person *cough* budol *cough*, we then went to this beach called Repulse Bay where we stayed for about an hour. It is a crescent-shaped stretch of sand and is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong. There was really nothing specifically striking about the place but I love the understated charm of it. The place is very clean and the people around were really friendly or maybe that’s because most of the people we saw were foreigners too. Everyone was just smiling at everyone else.

This small girl actually enjoyed it very much. I don’t know why because I don’t even know how to swim and I have a huge fear being in big bodies of water but I just love being near the sea.

Before we went back to Kowloon, we went to Victoria Peak which is known to be the highest point in Hong Kong island. It is a popular place for tourists because of its panoramic view over the city. It was indeed beautiful up there.

After our 10-minute stay at Victoria Peak, we finally went back to Kowloon where our half-day city tour ended. We were then left to our own devices. Because we literally had no itinerary, we just kind of winged everything that happened in the next few hours and the next couple of days starting at that moment. I don’t know if that was stupid of us or what. Lol.

So while my two friends were busy trying to figure out where to go next, I was busy taking pictures all around.

We somehow ended up at Avenue of Comic Stars which was just around Kowloon Park. Such a cute place. And henloooo to my friend Karen who couldn’t resist taking a photo by that wall in her favorite color.

We were looking for a certain statue of a pig called McDull but we couldn’t find it. We just ended up walking and walking all around the place basking in the heat of the sun.

Spot the grandma by the bench.

We were walking along the street towards Avenue of Stars when we heard rustling and flapping above and when we looked up, we saw these flock of birds flying around.

No piggy.

Still no piggy.

Nope. No piggy.

We really couldn’t find the piggy. After our futile attempt at finding the pig, we decided to visit Mongkok to see what it has to offer. We took the train at Tsim Sha Tsui Station bound to Tsuen Wan and we got off at Mongkok Station. Lakas ng loob! Their train system is so easy to understand. There are maps everywhere and effective signages. I don’t think you will ever get lost in Hong Kong. Also, their Octopus Card will be your bestfriend in Hong Kong. You need to have it if you want your life to go so much easier.

Anyway, we truly wanted to try their streetfoods because in fairness to them, they actually looked appetizing. And in Mongkok, food stalls pop out just about anywhere. But damn the smell! We immediately backed off when we got a whiff of their streetfoods. Just nope. Cannot be mga mamsh.

And then we saw a familiar bee! And because we were simple Filipinos with really simple joys, it was a no-brainer that we ate at Jollibee!

Mongkok is a popular shopping area in Hong Kong. It is characterized by arrays of markets, small shops and food stalls. Need to buy your “I Love HK” souvenir shirt? Or tote bags? Or key chains? Or ref magnets? This is the place to go.

I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos in Mongkok because we got real busy looking through shops and haggling our hearts away. We came across this little stall though where they sell tons of knitting and crocheting stuffs. I didn’t get anything from that stall and I badly wish I did. I swear I would come back to that place someday.

After bags and bags of purchases and noticing our wallets become considerably lighter, we decided to finally take the train to Tsuen Wan to get back to our hotel.

We saw a glimpse of Japan as we were walking around Tsuen Wan while we were desperately trying to find our way back to our hotel. Is this a sign? Japan na ba next? Charot.

And that concludes the first part of our trip to Hong Kong. We eventually found our hotel and after a whole day of walking, we were just really dead tired so we all slept immediately. The next day looked promising so we really needed our rest. Any guesses where we went the next day? Stay tuned to find out!

17 thoughts on “Hong Kong 2018 Part 1 – Tsim Sha Tsui and Mongkok”

      1. Kung san kami mapagod, at tamad na maglakad ang mga bagets, dun kami kumakain. Hahahaha. May mga masasarap na local resto sa Yau Ma Tei where we stayed. That’s one station away lang from Mongkok (naiimagine mo ang ngiti ko diba? HAHAHAHAHA. Kasi walking distance siya OMG). LOL. Sa Mongkok kumain kami sa Jollibee. Wahahahahahahaha.

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  1. Sooo many beautiful photos, Krishel! I love your writing style, too. β™‘ Hong Kong looks amazing but it is a bit heartbreaking seeing the elders still having to work. I don’t know how to swim either but I would still love to spend time at that beach! The Comic of Stars wall is so cool!! & that’s so nice to know that it’s nearly impossible to get lost there with all the helpful maps & such!!

    Thanks for sharing with us!! Can’t wait to read your next post! πŸ™‚

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