What Made my Month (November 2018)

Hi! I have just started writing this as I am flying across the sky. I don’t think I will finish this in one sitting. But let’s do this.

November was one heck of a busy month. So so freakin’ busy but so so freakin’ fulfilling too. Everytime I finish something I just feel so good. I have started being sort-of in-charge at the site and whoa. I never realized before how difficult it actually is when you’re the one who is really in-charge. It was seriously overwhelming. It didn’t help that there is a bunch of new accounts that will be under our care. I am just immensely grateful that my supervisor and bosses are all so supportive. I could never ask for better superiors.

Anyway, aside from that, I am also grateful for these things this month!

1. Bohemian Rhapsody

I don’t think I have said this enough but I love the movie. Like really love it. Let’s not go technical about the film and the timelines and the factualism. Can’t we just all enjoy how the film celebrated the birth and growth and life of QUEEN?! The film was so heartwarming as it was heartbreaking. Ah. I really wish I was alive back then when Freddie Mercury was still alive. Such a talented and creative human being. A true legend!

2. November 2 Music Releases

What is it with November 2 that my favorite artists all released their new music that day?! If you saw my previous Art Dump post, those three little doodled artworks were inspired by Orla, Dodie and Archie’s new music releases on the second day of November. Lovely people and lovely music.

3. Dear Evan Hansen Novel

Oh my God. I told myself that I wouldn’t be buying any book for the mean time because I still have heaps and heaps of unread books in the house. But damn. When I saw a copy, as in only one copy at NBS, I just grabbed it never let it go even though I was still not sure if I would actually buy it. But my sister said that I should and because I’m obedient, I did bought it. Haha. I still haven’t read it though. I’m saving it for the Christmas holidays.

4. New Prescription Glasses

Stupid little old me somehow forgot to wear and bring her eyeglasses when she went back to Manila for work. And because I couldn’t function without it, I ended up getting new ones instead. Kind of a bummer because they were pretty costly but I guess it’s really about time already because apparently my right eye have astigmatism. And my eyeglasses are cute so it’s okay.

5. Japanese Films

I was able to watch a bunch of Japanese films this month. It became my form of escape from work once I got home which isn’t really a bad thing. I really enjoyed immersing myself in different stories for an hour or two a day. I’ve been enjoying it so much that I’ve been posting mini-reviews in my IG story a lot. Haha.

6. First Airplane Ride

Ah. What a way to end this challenging month! I’m in Hongkong right now with my friends in my first out of the country trip. I’ll try to write about it but in a non-travel blogger way. Haha. Kasi hindi naman ako travel blogger. Pero I’ll try. Abangan!

I got to finish writing this while waiting for our airport transfer to the hotel last night. But dang I forgot to post. Haha.

10 thoughts on “What Made my Month (November 2018)”

      1. I can’t wait to see it!! I keep hearing that it’s good but I haven’t actually read any reviews or even the synopsis for the story. I am going in blindly (my favorite way). πŸ˜€


  1. I so agree in Bohemian Rhapsody. I’m now a fan of Rami Malek because of it. My friends who did not know Rami Malek enjoyed the movie to and now they also know the legend. I love love the movien

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