Art Dump: November 2018

Hello everyone! As anticipated, I wasn’t really able to make a lot of artworks this month. But not because of my supposedly personal art projects. I was just really busy this month. As in seriously busy. My hands were literally and figuratively so full. So instead of working on some art projects, my form of recreational activity this month became watching Japanese films. Mehehe. But more on that probably on my next post.

I hope you’ll still enjoy these little artworks I made this month.

Recreated Orla Gartland’s album cover (or is that song cover) for her song “Between My Teeth”. I wanted to try something different. Something freeing. So I just grabbed some pens and doodled away. Added a bit of watercolor afterwards and I kind of like how it turned out that I decided to make two more!

And then here’s my take on Dodie’s “Human” album cover. I know. It doesn’t look like Dodie. But I didn’t draw this to make it look like her so I still like this one. I actually prefer this one before I splashed it with watercolors yet. But well.

And another one! Doodled the album cover of David Archuleta’s 8th studio album called “Winter in the Air”. This one looked to me a lot cartoony and I am not sure if I like it or not.

Back to what I know best. Watercolor portrait! Painted the legend Freddie Mercury after watching the film Bohemian Rhapsody. I immensely enjoyed the film. I truly did!

December will be really busy too but I hope that I will be able to come up with something. But if I don’t, I promise I’ll make more next year. Crazy! 2018 is ending already. I feel like I am not yet ready.

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