Long Weekend Snaps + Random Thoughts

Took a few photos during the holidays and I don’t really know what to do with them so I’m just going to dump them in here together with some very random thoughts. Didn’t really go out of the house that much during the four-day vacation so these photos were either taken inside our house or just right outside.

A few months ago, I got a shirt saying “hands learn how to hold other hands” which was from Sarah Kay’s poem called “Hands”. And I don’t know why but I have always adored that line. Isn’t that a lovely line?

It’s got really nothing to do with the photo though. Just really took it because I like the light and the shadows made by the blinds in my brother’s room. His bedsheet though was printed so I ran to my room to get that “kumot“. Haha. Ya know. Artsy-fartsy.

Definitely my favorite spot in our house is the balcony. Most of my sunset photos were taken there. I used to think that I want a bungalow house with a wide lawn for my own but now I think I’d build myself a two-storey house. It’s because I want to be closer to the sky. Hee. If I am to buy a telescope someday, I think a two-storey house seemed appropriate for it, right? I still want a wide lawn though and a wide open side porch. I will be hanging a white hammock in there and I will throw some pillows and blankets around it. And then, I would hang a lot of fairy lights around. And that will be my tambayan. Ba yan. Ang sarap mag-imagine. HAHA.

I’m trying to finish this book written by the Filipino author, Eliza Victoria. I finished one-thirds of it already and I still don’t know how to feel about this. Her writing style is not really my thing. It confuses me so much but we’ll see when I get to the end. It has an interesting plot though. Should I write a review of this?

I don’t even know why I took this one.

On November second, our cousins came to visit and it’s always a lovely day when they are around. The house gets really lively when there are little kids running around. Oh, how lovely it would be when I finally got a niece or a nephew. This is our bb Lyca. Such a bright little ray of sunshine.

When I took this photo, I swear there was only one bird in there. I did not look at it immediately though but when I eventually gave it a look, I found out there were two birds in there. Cute though.

I don’t know how to end this once again. So. K. Bye.

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