What Made My Month (October 2018)

Henloooo! October was quite a month, wasn’t it? So quick and hectic. But it’s love! Lemme share with you the highs of the month!

1. The Good Doctor Season 2

The second season premiered last September 25 but I only got the chance to watch it this October. Damn it’s still so good! Made me cry tons already. And ugh, it’s just full of heartwarming moments from the different characters. The show does not disappoint. If you like medical dramas, you’ll probably love this one.

2. A Star is Born

Lady Gaga will always be my Queen! She’s just amazing in whatever it is that she does. And starring in her debut film is no exception. I’ve said this before but I am saying this again. If love can get any higher, it’d be what I feel for her. She and Bradley Cooper were both amazing in the film. They broke my heart into pieces. But they also gave me hope. Oh God! I just really love it.

And guys. The soundtrack is damn lit. I have been listening to it for a week before I watched the film and I had listened to it weeks after I watched the film. It is that good.

3. Elementary Classmates

One classmate of mine made our batch GC and getting in touch with everyone again is so nice and so freaking hilarious. Reading their convos is now my constant source of happiness. They are planning our batch reunion for next year and if it pushes through I would most definitely join. But I’m not taking part in the planning and preparation because the boys are having fun doing it. I can’t imagine now that I was their class president back then. Hahaha. What happened?

4. October Midnight Skies

I learned how to locate the 1st, 6th, 7th, 10th and 14th brightest stars in the sky this month. I really don’t understand why it makes me so happy but I just am whenever I look at the sky. Aaaah. How I love the October midnight skies. I love it as much as I love the May afternoon skies. Just always so beautiful.

I wasn’t able to see the Orionids meteor shower this year though. Hopefully, I’d get to see it next year.

5. #LS40

Mga mamsh! I know that not a lot of people like Lea Salonga but please, let this one pass. It has always been my dream to witness her sing live because her voice is just divine. And I’m telling you, she really is amazing. Beyond amazing even. She sang everything perfectly. She had good rapport with her guests. She connected well with the audience. She was just really… wow. I wish I was given that kind of voice. It is so crystal clear. It sounds so sweet. But it’s also powerful and will evoke all sorts of emotion from you. I was literally crying and having goosebumps while she sang. She is just so amazing. Her voice really is my favorite voice in the music industry. I’m so lucky to hear her and see her sing live. I would definitely cherish that night for a lifetime.

6. #INKFest2018

I was able to attend this year’s INKFest and I absolutely enjoyed it despite being there for only a couple of hours. I was able to bring home some loots. But aside from that, I was also able to hear some known Filipino artists talk. I heard Ms. Tippy of Googlygooeys, Sir Mervin Malonzo and Ms. Bru Sim Nada talk. They gave advices and answered questions and it was really awesome to see them in person and to hear their voices. It’s just that, I just used to adore their works. But seeing them that day made me realized that they are actually human. It’s just really nice to be reminded of that sometimes. That artists are normal human beings too. With their fears and doubts and failures. It was a very nice experience.

7. Seeing and Touching the Heart Relic of St. Padre Pio

Aaaah! My sister and I were lucky enough make it. Didn’t think that I would still be able to go but I guess the stars aligned for me and my sister. It was tiring but it was definitely worth it. I will be forever thankful for that chance to see it.

8. Feast Day of St. Jude Thaddeus

I think every board exam taker knows St. Jude Thaddeus. I actually only found out about him because of our Board Exam back in 2014. But ever since I knew him, I never stopped praying to him. I may not be able to visit him as often as I want (it actually took me almost three years before I got to visit again) but I know that he always listen to my prayers. Forever grateful for St. Jude.

9. Re-watching Itazura Na Kiss

I do not have the patience for Kdramas / Asian dramas anymore. I think I might have outgrown it already. But I guess I’m wrong. Because I am rewatching Itazura Na Kiss and I am seriously falling in love with it again. But yep. Still no to kdramas at the moment. Give me Jdoramas please!

Busy-busyhan si tiya mo ngayong October! Ang daming ganap. Haha. Anyway! This was written very quickly so pardon the mistakes and all and if it actually sounded like I’m in a rush.

See you guys in November! Let’s all have a great one!

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