What Made My Month (September 2018)

September really just flew. I don’t understand how the weeks passed by just like that. Every weekend I’m like “how is it Sunday again already?” And I honestly don’t want to think about it. Thinking about it will just create a lot of unnecessary thoughts. And I am trying to keep myself sane, away from the anxiety waiting at bay. So nope, I cannot entertain the thought about how time flies. I’m. I don’t know. Sorry.

Anyhow, here are the things which made my September despite it being such a blur. Please read on.

1. High-Low-Kudos

Inspired by Dodie, I tried this thing where I would be stating the “Highs”, the “Lows” and my “Kudos” for the day. I think it is a very nice way of capping the day off because it is making me embrace all the things happening to me everyday. May it be good or not so good things. I think that acknowledging ONLY the positive things happening in life can be as toxic as dwelling so much on the negative things. Well for me at least. I think we need this kind of balance. Because honestly, I tried doing a “Daily Gratitude Log” for a couple of months before and I had never been so stressed. Seriously! Just forcing myself to think each day about “what am I thankful for today?” is just ugh! Our brain is said to have negative-bias so I think that forcing myself to think of only the positive things happening to me was hurting my brain. I mean, I am thankful everyday that I am alive but some days are just really rough and I think that we need to acknowledge that as well.

2. Bloom by Troye Sivan

Oh my God. I have been obsessing with his album for weeks. It’s his second album and I like that you can see how Troye actually matured in this one. My favorite track from the whole album is “Postcard”. The first time I listened to it I seriously cried.

3. Meditation

During the latter part of August and on to the first couple of weeks of September, I’ve been having a lot of what I call “bad brain days” which I attribute to my overthinking brain. Because of that, I decided to try meditating before I go to sleep to declutter my brain at night and after I wake up to set the day right. I downloaded these guided meditation videos which are helping me so much with mindfulness. I haven’t used them for the past week but I think I’m going to need it tonight.

4. Pride and Prejudice, Stardust, and Ghibli Films

Because of the so-called “bad brain days”, I have been nothing but unproductive the whole month. I couldn’t focus on anything because my brain kept on going haywire. Because of that I just ended up watching movies during weekends to take my mind off things. I watched my comfort movie “Pride and Prejudice”. I was also able to finally watch the movie adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s wonderful book called “Stardust”. The book and the film are both lovely on their own. They are totally different entities that you cannot compare them. But both of them are magical.

Aaaaand. I also finally got to watch a few Studio Ghibli films. I can’t believe I’ve been missing so much in life! I have only watched four films as of the moment: “Howl’s Moving Castle”, “Spirited Away”, “Only Yesterday” and “Kiki’s Delivery Service”. And I love them all. So if you have any suggestion of any Ghibli films. Please comment it down below. I would love to check them out. Please. Please. Please.

5. Human by Dodie

Dodie announced that she will be releasing a new EP come 2019 and she released a single from the EP this month. It’s called Human and it is so beautiful. It’s actually on one of her older Youtube videos but was unreleased until this month and I am so stoked that it got released already and with a music video which is as lovely as the song. I can’t wait to get to listen to the whole EP soon.

I am so not ready for October just yet. So not ready that I don’t even want to sleep right now because I don’t want September to end yet. But I have to sleep now because I need to get up early tomorrow because I have work and I will be alone again tomorrow and I don’t know what will happen at the site but I need to stop thinking about it because I can do nothing about what will happen tomorrow right now except obsess over it and imagine all the things that could go wrong tomorrow which is not a good thing to think about because I will just end up anxious which will cause me to not get any sleep and then I will be so “sabaw” tomorrow and I cannot afford to be “sabaw” tomorrow because I will be alone tomorrow. So yeah. Shut up brain.

14 thoughts on “What Made My Month (September 2018)”

  1. I haven’t seen Howl’s Moving Castle and Kiki’s Delivery Service! Spirited Whisper of the Heart, My Neighbor Totoro, Grave of the Fireflies are really great, too! I’m also planning to finish all Ghibli films this month! 🙂

    Let’s shut up the brain as much as we can. We are stronger than this shit lmao

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha! Watch Howl’s! Sobrang bet ko sya. Pero mas maganda Spirited Away. Haha. Bitin yung Kiki’s pero ok din naman. Haha. Daming nagsasabi na maganda nga daw yung Grave of the Fireflies. Isunod ko nga yon.


      2. Yes, yes! Mapanood na yan mamaya pag di makatulog. Ahaha SPIRITED AWAY PA DIN TALAGA UNG PINAKA GUSTO KO ATA??? Pero ung Grave of the Fireflies kdkjgf siblings and war kasi siya so huhuhuhuhu Panoorin ko na din ung Kiki’s. Baka naman may second siya? kasi ung Whisper of the Heart parang may other story kahit hindi naman siya bitin? The Cat Returns ung title. Check ko pa if same characters hehe

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Gusto ko yung high-low-kudos. And nakikita ko sya usually sa IG stories mo.☺ May daily gratitude log din ako dati, pero yun nga minsan nakaka stress din. Or di kaya, nakakaligtaan ko. Try mo na lang siguro next time gawing weekly, or kung mabigat pa din kahit monthly gratitude. That’s what I’m doing this past few months. Hindi pwersado magsulat kapag monthly gratitude. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha. Minsan nga po feeling ko ang daldal ko masyado sa IG stories kaya lie-low muna ako ngayong October sa pagpopost. Subukan ko po yung weekly gratitude log. Baka mas effective sya.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. So glad to hear that meditation has been helping you! I loved “Kiki’s Delivery Service” when I was a kiddo but have no idea any other Ghibli films…

    Happy October, babe! Hope it’s a good one for you! ♡

    Liked by 1 person

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