What Made My Month (May 2018)

I never really usually pay attention if my birth month is a lucky month or what, but I feel like May 2018 is all sorts of awesome. I mean, of course it had it’s ups and downs but overall, it was a good month. I just really don’t like the part when I was rushed to the clinic because of a panic attack which was really bad. And the everyday office ganap because of a stupid workmate but well. You can never have it all.

Anyway, I’m here to present the good stuffs! So here we go.

1. Visiting Monte Maria on Mother’s Day

My brother went home for a few weeks from Japan so on Mother’s Day, we decided to visit Monte Maria in Batangas. It was a pretty long drive so it was kinda tiring but I had a grand time with my family. I am so excited for the future plans for the place as it is still very much on the on-going construction stage. I am not very excited about the business side of it (because they’re obviously developing the place to attract more tourists thus more money for them) but I really want to see how it will look like in a few years time. I think it will be a beautiful place for worship.

2. Love, Simon

Huhu. The movie is everything! It is such an important film about being true to yourself and acceptance and friendship and love. It was funny because we kind of dragged a friend who had no idea what the movie was about. He is a straight guy and although he has no problem whatsoever with the members of the LGBTQ+ fam, we still wondered how he would react to the movie. I’m glad to say that he liked it and appreciated it. I haven’t read the book yet so I didn’t know who Blue was. So it was really fun watching everything unfold. I love it! I love it! I love it!

3. First Profession of My BBs

This month, 11 out 14 novices from 2017-2018 batch professed in the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer. I know one didn’t push through with his vocation, I don’t know when the other two would profess or if they would ever profess. I hope that they would though. The Vietnamese (4), Filipinos (2) and the Sri Lankan (1) all professed in Lipa City, Batangas on May 4. Another Filipino (1) professed in Singapore on May 20 and the Thais (3) all professed in Bangkok, Thailand on May 25. Such a huge blessing to the Catholic community.

On a slightly related note, one of them found out about me. Apparently, while stalking his account for updates I clicked that “Add Friend” button. I didn’t know I did until I received a message from him so I was shookt! He saw my watercolor works on my account and put two and two together so he now knows that I made their watercolor portraits. Haha. So much for trying to be anonymous. He said that he was looking for me but nobody had any idea who I could possibly be. Anyway, he said that I am now included in his prayers. I told him that they are included in my prayers, too. So that’s pretty nice.

And two of them used the portrait I painted as their profile photos. It made me feel kilig. I am so happy to know that they really appreciated what I did.

4. Flores de Mayo

As a kid, summer for me meant gathering flowers every day of May to offer to Mama Mary in our Chapel. When I was little, I used to be an angel at the Chapel, wearing white dress every afternoon and we would shower the image of Mama Mary with petals of flowers. We used to attend catechism alongside Flores de Mayo too. Those were really good days that I actually miss. And I was reminded of it this month.

During the first Wednesday of May, I was surprised when the kids at the Chapel I go to handed out flowers to churchgoers. It totally slipped my mind that it was Flores de Mayo already because I stopped attending it when I started high school. Anyhow, this little altar server boy makes sure that I always get a flower every Wednesday to offer to Mama Mary. Such a cutie. And it is so nice to do something which used to be a huge part of your childhood again.

5. Turning 25

So. I turned 25 this month. Cray! I didn’t do anything fancy that day. I meant to visit St. Jude Thaddeus Shrine, Quiapo Church and Baclaran Church but I had something else to do that day. So yeah. Twenty-freaking-five! I don’t know how to feel about this but I am grateful that I get to turn twenty five. I’m kind of writing a birthday realization thing-y for days now but I still can’t finish it. Haha.

6. Visiting Baclaran Church

On my 25th birthday, as stated above, I meant to visit three churches. I only got to visit Baclaran Church though. I had to go to a job interview around the area that day that was why I couldn’t go to the other two churches. I’m still very thankful though. The last time I visited Baclaran was year 2016. So it’s been quite a while. Baclaran is really one of my favorite churches. Even though it is such a hassle to go there because the world outside its walls is so chaotic and practically unsafe. But once you are inside it’s definitely a different world. Peace and contentment rushes through me everytime I visit that Church. I’m so grateful that I got to visit it not only once but twice this month. So blessed!

7. Job Offer

I got a job offer a week after the job interview from the company I went to on my birthday and well, guess what, I accepted it. I guess, it’s a birthday gift for me. If you are following me on Twitter, you are probably already annoyed with my sahod-related rants. I couldn’t help it though. We are three cutoffs delayed already so how can I not rant and think of getting a new job. I feel awful that I am working yet I cannot even help with paying the bills at home. That every week my parents had to ask me if I’m okay with money. I cannot even treat my family and friends. I cannot even treat myself with books or art materials or even good food. It was pretty frustrating. My family and friends supported my decision to leave my current job. I hope that everything goes well now. I will start processing the pre-employment requirements starting next week. Pray for me?

8. Good Friends

A few of my friends know about my work situation. Our salary used to be just one cutoff delayed but when it reached the dreaded three cutoffs delay and my friends found out about it they were outrage and started sending my resume to other people they know. There would be mornings when I would wake up to their phone calls telling me to go somewhere because I have an interview or something. Lol. My friends are cute. Some of them even visited me in Taguig a few days after my birthday because I was not able to see them on my birthday. So despite the financial predicament, I didn’t feel so bad because I know that there are people rooting for me and people who always got my back. I feel like I don’t deserve my friends sometimes.

9. Family Love

If my friends know about the work situation, of course my family knows about it too. I really, really feel bad because I couldn’t help with the finances at home unlike before when I was still at my first job but I have a very understanding and supportive family. And like with my friends, I feel like I don’t deserve them sometimes. Love you fam!

I really am most grateful of the fact that I am surrounded by such loving and faithful human beings. They are not always there physically (because I am far away from home 6 days a week) but it is such a comforting feeling that you know that there are people out there who prays for your well-being, who wants nothing but the best for you, and who believes that something great is meant for you. These people are my anchor. I would have probably drifted away already if not for them.

How was your May guys? I hope you had a grand month too!

8 thoughts on “What Made My Month (May 2018)”

  1. Ang happy ng May mo! Sana tuloy tuloy pa yan. So happy to read na magrresign ka na dun sa current company mo. Nababasa ko lagi sa Twitter kasi! All good things from here! ❤

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