Art Dump: May 2018

Hello everyone! What an awesome month! Weird but awesome. Really weird actually. But definitely awesome. And guess what? I made art! I am happy!

I only made three portraits but that’s an improvement compared to last month. I am slowly getting back on track and I am hoping that I will be able to make more art this June although I will probably be busy with stuffs. But let’s not dwell on that yet. Here are the three portraits I made!

After watching Love, Simon in the cinema and after squealing like a pig every time Miles Heizer was on-screen, I decided that I had to paint the face of that gorgeous human. I have been crushing on him ever since I saw him on 13 Reasons Why as Alex Standall. What a beautiful man. I felt so rusty though after not painting for so long. My impatience with watercolor came back so it doesn’t really look well put together. This is why I need to constantly paint. Everytime I touch my brushes, it always feel like the first time again.

Sidenote: Ate Thea suggested that I make a post about how I started watercolor painting and I like the idea but I don’t know how to write about it. Haha.

I was still on high with watching Love, Simon so I thought why not paint the guy who portrayed the title character Simon. Nick Robinson is another gorgeous human who sometimes look like Shawn Mendes. Anyway, I decided to use a single color (Payne’s Gray) because I felt the need to make a color value study. I actually miss drawing in graphite but I don’t think I have the patience to do graphite drawings anymore. I also need to do more color studies. Been reading more about hues and chromas and *sighs* I want to study art!

Orla Gartland!!! I swear this woman is so talented! Found out about her from being a Dodie fan. I instantly became a fan when I watched their video singing “Reach” by S Club 7. Her voice is really beautiful. And man. Those guitar skills. She’s probably my favorite ginger girl. So, I tried a looser approach to watercolor painting and I am not sure if I did it right? But this is what studies are for. If I don’t try and experiment with styles I will never learn right?

So, that’s my May Art Dump! I hope that you guys are not getting tired with my art posts. It’s the only thing I feel comfortable sharing. Lol!

All portraits were done on Arches Hotpressed paper using Winsor and Newton Cotman watercolors.

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