Musings Under a Handful of Stars

I cannot think properly.

I’ll just tell you what I am doing and what are my observations right now. It is May 10 and I am currently lying on my back on the roof deck of a mall. I wish I could say that I am lying underneath a blanket of myriad of stars but the only bright thing in the sky right now is Jupiter among a handful of pinpricks of light. I wish I could see Venus. I heard it’s starting to look even more magnificent than before. But it’s hidden behind the towers of buildings on the west. Shame. The darkness seems endless. But it’s not the lonely kind of darkness. It’s not the kind that seeps in your bones and settles there. It’s the wondrous kind of infinite darkness. The kind that makes you think that deep inside that obscurity, more admirable spectacles are just waiting to be revealed.

It’s pretty nice up here. There’s a cool wind that gently blows. It is most probably polluted air but it is still cool so that’s quite alright. And from up here, you can barely hear the busy street noise from down there. It’s just like a faint hum. A background noise keeping me company in this restless night.

I think I just saw a bird flying above me. Wow, it was indeed a bird. Weird.

I came up here for the purpose of thinking. Because when I am down there, there’s way to much scene and there’s way too much noise and my senses get so overwhelmed that I cannot think. So many things happen all at once and instead of trying to keep up, I just end up getting caught up and lost in all of it. It is so hard to think.

And I just need to think.

Let’s end it here.

Written last night but I do not have Internet so I’ll just post it today.

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