What Made My Month (April 2018)

Oh April!

I don’t know if it was because of the Mercury retrograde but April started pretty shitty if I am being honest. I mean, c’mon. On first day of April I was diagnosed with shingles. It’s common for people who are 50 years old and above. I am barely halfway there. I am only 24 years old. Jesus! Medication lasted for a week and right after finishing my meds I had to suffer from food intolerance for two days. Fun! Health wise, April was meh.

I also fell into a creative rut once again. I couldn’t create anything. I couldn’t write anything. I have so many art WIPs that still remain WIPs. Creativity wise, April was meh.

And I failed so much with communicating to other people as well. Got into various misunderstandings with people. It was like everything that comes out of my mouth turns out wrong. So I kind of distanced myself from people to avoid more misunderstandings. Communication wise, April was honestly pretty meh.

But still no matter how hard it is sometimes, I try to still find the good stuff in life. So, shall we?

1. World Autism Awareness Day

The second day of April is the World Autism Day (WAAD). And being a sibling of autism, it felt like I am responsible to spread the word about it. So I made a little Facebook post about my sister and about autism which was received well by my Facebook friends. I was meaning to write a more thought out post about autism to post in here but I really am in a slump. *sighs* Maybe sometime in the future? Autism awareness shouldn’t just end in April, right? I will do my part soon. So stay tuned guys!

2. World Wide Fund for Nature

I have already shared this on my IG but after going to Church one Wednesday, someone called me from a nearby mall booth. I always do my best to ignore people from booths because I am a person who can never say ‘No’ so whatever those people will offer, I would probably get it. Hirap na hirap akong tumanggi. You know those students offering otap on fast food chains? Napapabili ako sa kanila. Haha. I was actually meaning to pretend that I didn’t hear the girl but I heard her mention something along the lines, “For the environment po!” My ears instantly perked up and my feet started walking towards their booth. And then I was introduced to WWF or World Wide Fund for Nature which is an organization who has been implementing conservation projects for the environment and crafting solutions for climate change. The also provide livelihood programs for the Filipino people and they do all of it with the help of donors and partners supporting their cause. I decided to be a member and donate every month to WWF. So that’s a real yay for April.

For more information about WWF, you can visit their site in here.

3. Jupiter and Venus

I got to see Venus right after sunset on the Western Sky and Jupiter on the Southeastern sky at around 10 in the evening for most days of April. They look majestic! Every night I’m on the lookout for Jupiter because it is visible even in Manila/ Makati sky. And I love seeing Venus during Saturdays on my ways home while riding the bus. It’s the first star to appear on the West and it just really look amazing against the fiery sky. According to what I have read, Saturn and Mars are visible too during the early hours of dawn and I think I saw them once but I was not completely sure if they are really what I thought them to be. Anyway, Jupiter and Venus are still very much visible so take the chance while you still can.

4. Lyrids Meteor Shower

On the dawn of April 23 I couldn’t sleep. And then I remembered that I read about Lyrids Meteor Shower peaking on April 21-23 so at around two in the morning I took the chance and looked out my window. I inwardly told myself that I will sleep already once I see one meteor. Not even 10 minutes of looking outside, two meteors suddenly streaked across the sky in under a minute. One was like a fireball, the other one was pretty faint. But both took me by surprise. I will never get tired of seeing meteors falling in the sky.

5. IV Of Spades

Been hearing about IV of Spades for a while already but never really listened to their songs until the second week of April. Huhu. Their song “Mundo” is what made me like them but when I heard “Ilaw Sa Daan” I just knew that it is more of my jam. Can’t wait for their album which is coming soon.

6. Crash Course Astronomy

Because I got so fascinated with seeing Jupiter in the night sky, I ended up watching educational videos about the solar system which led me to this 46-episode of Crash Course on Astronomy. It was presented by Phil Plait (@badastronomer on Twitter and IG) who used to work as part of the Hubble Space Telescope team. I was barely starting with the series and I was already experiencing a bad case of existential crisis when I tweeted him about it. And Lord he replied. Haha.

Seriously guys. Try watching it. It’s just. Oh my God. You’ll be seriously dumbstruck at how vast our Universe is. At how impossible it is to dismiss the idea of other life forms out there. Maybe not intelligent life forms but mere life forms. I love it when he said that he likes Astronomy because it puts us in our place. It really does. It will make you realize how you are literally just a tinie-tiny speck in this galaxy. But it will also make you realize how lucky you are to be a part of all this greatness. It’s awesome.

7. Videoke Night with HS Friends

On the last Sunday of the month, my highschool friends decided to go karaoke-ing. And it was so much fun. We ended up singing for three hours straight. We didn’t want to stop but it’s pretty costly so we had to cut it short. Food, drinks and karaoke with friends. Ah! Life can be really good!

April, was kind of my creative downtime. I couldn’t write and I couldn’t make art. But I learned a lot this month about the Universe so it wasn’t so bad after all. Things are actually starting to look up so I will just keep on climbing. Thank God, the post-shadow of Mercury retrograde is over.

How was your April guys? Were you also affected by the retrograde? Do you even believe in the retrograde?

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