Art Dump: April 2018

I know I shouldn’t have titled this “Art Dump” because I only made one art but for the sake of consistency please let it be. Haha.

I’m taking things slow. Literally slow. I have a few WIPs but I decided against including them in this post. Please be patient with me. It’s really hard to get out of this rut. I haven’t been able to lurk around your lovely sites too. I haven’t even got to reply to some of your comments on some of my posts. Please don’t think that I am being a snob. I just really haven’t got the time to look through them as of the moment. I mean I have the time, but I couldn’t focus on any tasks I have to do. April just really isn’t my month. I will try to get back on track on the next few weeks. Please bear with me and my inactivity.

Anyway, here’s my Gabbi Garcia illustration done on Stendhal Paper (300gsm) by using Winsor and Newton Cotman.

I was not really comfortable at first with the paper because it was very textured compared to what I usually use. I also didn’t use gridlines to sketch Gabbi’s face because it was really difficult to erase graphite on the paper. It’s too fibrous (?) that when you scrub it, lints come off it. So I just sketched her face freehand and decided to really just have fun and enjoy the experience of using a different paper.

And I did enjoy using it. It’s really nice to get out of the constraints of doing realistic portraits. It felt liberating. I might start doing this more often.

I added some sunflowers because it’s the only kind of flower I can paint. Haha. And I didn’t know how to end her hair so I just placed a humongous flower on it. Haha.

And I kinda liked it.

What do you guys think about this little venturing out of the comforts of doing what I usually do? Is it worth it?

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