What Made My Month (March 2018)

Hiiiii guys! My mood swings can be really all over the place. Well, in most of March I was really kind of spiralling down. There were ups but I didn’t, no, I couldn’t linger there. Something was constantly dragging me down. I actually skived off from work twice this March because I couldn’t drag my feet to the office. It was like they have a mind of their own and they chose to just walk around and tire me out.

But today, I am okay and I can actually think of the good things that March have brought me. I am glad I am in this head space right now because at least I can write.

So are you ready to read this?

1. Painting the “14 Faces” Plus One

On the first day of March, I woke up to a dream where the fourteen 2017-2018 Novices were all present. And then it made me realize that they only got a little more than a month of stay here in the Philippines. Soon they will be reassigned to different places to continue their journey to either brotherhood or priesthood. And it made me so sad. It’s… they were pretty much my constants for almost the half of 2017. I’ve been seeing them serve the church every Wednesdays and Sundays and it was such a comfort to my heart and my soul whenever I see them because their strong faith really shines through. They are so brave in choosing to answer the call of God. Those guys are such inspiration to me.

And so as farewell and thank you gift (even though they didn’t know me) I decided to paint them in postcard size watercolor papers. Didn’t know it would bring me such joy to give something back to the guys who unknowingly helped me get through a dark phase in my life. Although, it gave me such frustration too because I couldn’t paint them really well. Hay. I am actually going to paint the other priests too one of these days. It’s just that these guys and Fr. Willy are already leaving so I made theirs first. Aaaah. I will continue praying for them even after they left. I really do hope they find happiness in whoever and wherever they end up being.

2. Secrets for the Mad by Dodie

As much as I love the song of the same title by Dodie, this one is about her book. I found it in Fully Booked unexpectedly. Aaaah! And it is so good. It’s so raw and honest and just so amazing. I have two more pending book reviews and I am thinking of making one for this but I don’t know how to make a review for an autobiographical book so yeah. I will try. If I wouldn’t be able to make one just know that it is an amazing book and you might want to give it a try. I love you Dodie!

3. Meeting an Old Acquaintance

One Wednesday, after attending the Novena-Mass for Our Mother of Perpetual Help, someone came up to me and said “Krishel”. I looked up (because I’m always looking down) and it took me a while to recognize the face but when I realized who he is, I got excited. He was a grade school and high school schoolmate (he was my junior) and we haven’t spoken to each other since we were in grade school. Haha. So that’s more or less than 13 years already. We weren’t really friends-friends but we would always be competing in Quiz Bees together back then so we kind of knew each other. I told him it was good that he recognized me and decided to approach me. He said that he saw me posting about the church before so he kind of knew that I go to that church and that he saw the shirt I was wearing (an alumni shirt) so he easily recognized me. Haha.

We decided to have dinner together and we talked about his old classmates and my old classmates, work life, him living for three years already in Makati and me living for three months only in Makati, and about the mutual friends we’ve had over the years. Turned out one of his closest friends in College is one of my closest friends from my former work too. It’s really nice. It’s rare to find someone you haven’t talked to in more than a decade and not feel awkward about it. Especially on my part. I’m really not much of a talker unless we are super close so it actually surprised me that I found it really easy to talk to him. Nag sorry pa nga ako sa kanya kasi sobrang daldal ko talaga. Haha.

4.” For the Soul” Spotify Playlist

Because I was feeling really down, I decided to make a playlist of some church songs I love and my soul is really happy about it. I’ve been listening to it every morning since I made it. And I think it improved my days. Just in case you are curious as to what church songs give me comfort you can check it out here.

5. Feast Day of Saint Pedro Calungsod

Our second Filipino Saint’s official Feast Day is on April 2 but it falls on a Monday after Easter so it was moved to March 24 which is the Saturday before Holy Week. The church I’ve been attending to in Taguig is the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod so there was a concelebrated mass that day. Thankfully, it was during lunchbreak so I was able to go. Bishop Emeritus of Batanes, Camilo Gregorio, presides the mass and the moment he walked down the aisle my tears started flowing. There was something in his presence that I couldn’t explain. And every readings that day were so beautiful as well. Hay. I felt so blessed. It didn’t matter that I had to practically inhale my lunch because I was 30 minutes late for work already. Haha. Hay. Thank you San Pedro Calungsod. Thank you Lord.

6. Oldie but Goodie Movies

Rewatched the oldie but goodie movies called Casper the Friendly Ghost and Bridge to Terabithia. Who doesn’t love Casper? It is still the cutest movie. And it is still sad that Casper will remain a ghost forever.

And well who didn’t bawl their eyes out with Bridge to Terabithia? No matter how many times I watch that movie I just cry and cry. Just so painful. I’d love to have a friend like Leslie.

Just close your eyes, but keep your mind wide open.

March was a rollercoaster ride. But unlike Gus’ rollercoaster that only goes up, mine just really goes up and down.

I wasn’t able to do a Visita Iglesia this year but that didn’t stop me from reflecting and praying to the Lord our God. I hope you guys had a meaningful Holy Week. Tomorrow is Easter. Let us rejoice for He will rise again.

2 thoughts on “What Made My Month (March 2018)”

  1. It’s wonderful that you were able to reflect on the best parts of March. 🙂 I love that you had dinner with an old acquaintance!! & such good movies: Casper & Bridge to Terabithia!! I always cry when I watch Terabithia too. 😭

    Liked by 1 person

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