Art Dump: March 2018

Oh March! From the start of the month, my brain haven’t been really in the greatest state so naturally it affected my creative pursuits. I just wanted to walk around and space out and cry and sleep and just really wallow in the dark pit I am in. I have been writing a lot though. In my journal. And it’s really a great help honestly.

I am kind of working on a personal project which I am calling “14 Faces” and it was seriously a challenge because I have to finish it before March ends and because I’m sort of in a rut I have to literally force myself to finish it. Sad to say, it’s not really coming along nicely. As of this hour, I finished 12 out of 14 faces already but I want to keep them for myself. Hee.

So yeah, I’m just going to share two artworks that I was able to make.

Arches Hot Pressed | Winsor and Newton Cotman

Okay, so this one was something I actually made on February 27 but didn’t make it on my February Art Dump post because I finished it the night after I posted the Art Dump. Hi BB Troye! It is my favorite among ALL the portraits I was able to make. I don’t know why but I love it. Sometimes, spending the extra bucks at a coffee shop can be nice pala no? Haha.

Arches Hot Pressed | Winsor and Newton Cotman

My Lady Gaga! It’s sort of unfinished but I cannot continue it. Haaay. Maybe next month? I love you forever Lady Gaga!

I’m hoping that April will be okay. I really am hoping because I miss making art that I love.

5 thoughts on “Art Dump: March 2018”

      1. Ah! May post idea/request ako…your fave portable art supplies. Kasi puro pens dala ko for journaling pero mas maganda if dagdagan ng watercolor. may recommendations ka ba? gusto ko na bumili ng prang or winsor & newton.

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