Book Review: The Sky Is Everywhere

Author: Jandy Nelson
Genre: Young Adult, Romance
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4 out of 5 stars)

This is a story about Wuthering Heights-obsessed, band geek and clarinetist Lennie Walker. Her only sister Bailey suddenly dropped dead while rehearsing for a play and Lennie being the shadow of her sister was now left alone and center-stage. Bailey was her bestfriend and with the bizarre situation their family is in, her sister was her rock. And so to cope with her grief, she started writing poems and left them scattered all over town. In the middle of her grieving, she became even more stuck in a limbo when she became confused with her feelings towards her sister’s seductive boyfriend Toby and the charming new boy in town Joe Fontaine.

I have been eyeing this book since I was in College but for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to buy it so I could read it. Last January though, while mindlessly roaming the bookstore, I saw that this book was on sale. And so with *heart heart* eyes, I grabbed it immediately and bought it.

The Sky Is Everywhere. This was an easy read, pace-wise. It was, however, emotionally heavy. I love how before every chapter there is a space for Lennie’s poems because they gave more depth to the whole story. They really showed what Lennie was going through. Throughout the book you will be constantly punched in the gut by her grief over losing her sister. You will be struck every now and then with the sadness that consumes Lennie’s very being. Her poems were raw and they would just really make you feel.

There will be moments in the book when you would just exclaim, “F*ck!”, because Lennie made choices which are deemed-worthy of the profanity but you would feel bad about being angry at her because you can understand the turmoil that she was going through. You know that what she was doing was a mistake but it was really hard to get angry at Lennie. Like seriously hard.

This book is not only about Lennie dealing with the sudden absence of her closest family member. It is also about her becoming who she really is. It is about her finding out what she wants and working hard for it. It is about her owning up to her mistakes and fixing it. It is about her finding love and being brave enough to fight for it.

The whole book was so poetic. It was full of beautiful imagery and mellifluous words which made the reading experience amazing.

The sun is breaking through the canopy in isolated blocks, so I fly through light and dark and dark and light, through the blazing unapologetic sunlight, into the ghostliest loneliest shade, and back again, back and forth, from one to next, and through the places where it all blends together into a leafy-lit emerald dream.

It’s just really a breeze to read. And I love the kookieness of it. It is emotionally heavy but there are really funny moments in the book too. Lennie’s family was so weird and they all have their own quirks but they are all so lovable characters. And I dare you not to fall in love with Joe Fontaine as well. It’s practically impossible.

Can’t wait to get a copy of her other book “I’ll Give You the Sun” because I heard that it is a really book too.

I highly recommend this book.

14 thoughts on “Book Review: The Sky Is Everywhere”

  1. Great review, Krishel! I’ve had this book on my TBR list for awhile… I can’t wait to read it even more after reading this.
    Hope you find and read I’ll Give You The Sun soon… that book is absolutely beautiful.

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  2. I just reviewed the book and I love your review! I hope you like mine! I think that the author of the book is so good kicking us in the gut with her stories XD haha The book, you are right, was sweet and full of grief, and full of wrong choices haha sometimes I wonder WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS! YOU ARE GOING TO GET CAUGHT! haha and the mother thing T_T it was so heartbreaking and the resolution was so ❤

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