What Made My Month (February 2018)

February for me was fun. And well fast. It was already the 22nd of the month when I suddenly had the realization of how quickly time flies. Like hala. Magma-March na agad! My weekends were mainly spent outside, meeting friends and meeting new people, that I had to decline another lakad with barkada on the last weekend of the month. You see, I had to spend time with my family too. And my introvert self was already calling for solitude I guess.

Anyway, here are some goody stuffs which made my February.

1. The Greatest Showman

I’ve been hearing/ reading a lot of good stuffs about the movie since December last year so naturally I got curious about it. I read somewhere that Pasek and Paul have written the songs for this (and that they had been working on it while consequently working on Dear Evan Hansen). And just like that I knew that I had to watch it. I mean these are the guys who wrote the songs for DEAR EVAN HANSEN! It was like the official soundtrack of my 2017! HAHA!

So, on the first day of February, I brought myself to the cinema and watched it by myself because you know, loner. Haha. Nah! I’m used to watching movies alone because (1) I usually go whenever I feel like it and I feel like it’s such a hassle to find someone to watch it with me because of conflicting schedules and stuffs and (2) I usually can’t find people in my circle who wants to watch the movies that I want to watch because my friends and I have different tastes in films.

So, The Greatest Showman! Damn guys. It was so good. Everything about it was perfect. The songs, the choreography, the costumes, the STORY! I went to the cinema with no idea what it was about. I just knew that Pasek and Paul wrote the songs in it but aside from that, I knew nothing about it. And I was pleasantly surprised. So pleasantly surprised. The official soundtrack has been on repeat a few weeks after I watched it. So good.

If you haven’t watched it yet, please do!

2. Camella Fam

I’m still in contact with most of my former workmates and we have been trying for so long to meet so we could catch up with each others lives. Our schedules though are pretty much saliwa and we really couldn’t find a date suitable for everyone. But I was able to meet two of them during the first weekend of the month. It was just a quick catching-up because I just really went straight to them right after work from Taguig so I was really tired from the byahe and it was seriously bitin but I am so happy that we managed to finally meet again. How I missed Jhe and Rosie.

3. Reunion with GT Babes

Because I haven’t seen one of my bestfriends in over a year, I decided to visit her in Taal. A week before my scheduled trip to Taal I was able to contact some of our friends and asked them if they would like to join. One even invited us to go to their place after because it was fiesta in their town. And just like that 7 out of 9 from the GT Babes finally saw each other after 3 long years.

GT Babes or G. Tolentino Babes are Kuya Don’s nine boarders wayback June-December 2014. Haha. We were boardmates for almost six months at Sampaloc, Manila. We stayed there for our Review for the December 2014 Board Exam. Grabe. I missed those girls. Those six months with them were seriously fun. We did not have any conflicts because everyone of us just really got along so well. And everyone of us were really just peaceful people. Lahat nagkukusa sa bahay. Nasusunod yung schedule sa kusina. Lahat masipag mag-aral. Walang warfreak. Basta sobrang magkakasundo kami talaga. Di ko din alam kung bakit. Haha. All I know is that we are all a blessing to each other. I love those girls.

4. Visiting Taal

Taal Basilica never really gets tiring to visit. It will always be one of my favorite churches in tthe Philippines. Actually, the heritage town of Taal is one of my all-time favorite places to visit. For some reason, I feel so at home whenever I’m there that I don’t mind visiting the town on my own. Can’t wait to visit it again and check the out the other museums I never get the chance to see yet.

5. Oh Wonder Live

My loves! If you guys have been reading my posts, you probably have already read about my first Oh Wonder experience. Seriously, year 2018 is surprising me so well. Their three shows here in the Philippines were announced only a few weeks before the scheduled dates. I thought I would have to wait years before they come back in the Philippines but just a little over six months after their first solo concert in here and they already came back. Josephine and Anthony and the rest of their crew are awesome.

Also, I met new people. They may be young and our age gap may be a bit wide but our shared love for good music made up for that. It was really nice meeting Ivan, Eazel and Jim. I’m not sure if our paths would cross again but I wouldn’t mind seeing their cute faces again.

6. Deactivated Facebook (again)

I deactivated my account again for the Lenten Season. I was really meaning to do it since new year but the fun that TFIOB group was providing my dreary life was holding me back. That was actually the only thing that was holding me back. I really don’t like how the rest of Facebook affects my mental well-being so I said goodbye again to it for now. I get so on edge everytime I’m in Facebook. I guess it’s because I really do know almost everyone in there.

7. I Am That Small Girl Turned One

Yay! Happy first birthday to my blog! I tried writing something for it (really I tried) but I couldn’t form anything. Haha. But anyway, it’s been a year. I haven’t really been that active in here on the first few months. I just started posting more at around June last year but still. It’s been a fun writing year. The WordPress community, especially the TFIOB community have been nothing short of awesome.

Oh well, February was pretty eventful. My father actually got angry with me already because I never stay in our house even on Sundays which is the only day that I get to be home. Uhmm… how do I balance everything? Haha. How’s your February guys?

Featured image is a photo I took from the right wing of Taal Basilica.

23 thoughts on “What Made My Month (February 2018)”

  1. I haven’t watched The Greatest Showman yet because the only time I went out this February, I was with my two guy friends and of course they wanted to watch Death Cure. I’ve been outnumbered. LOL But it’s good anw so I guess I’ll just dl TGS illegally. HAHAHAHA! Namjoon (BTS) said it was good and it made him cry lol so I REALLY NEED TO SEE IT.

    “I was really tired from the byahe and it was seriously bitin” I had so much time reading this and re-reading again and again because it sounds so conyo, it’s REALLY CUTE!

    I’m glad you are making time for everyone around you. Kick the introvert self away for awhile and then hibernate again after all the fun. šŸ™‚

    I’m just about to deactivate my Facebook, too. lol srsly, I don’t really open it so I don’t see the point at all šŸ˜¦

    CONGRATS ON TURNING ONE! I didn’t take WordPress srsly in my first 2 years lol so you are doing just fine aaaa naaaaah you are doing GREAT. Here’s to more!!!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. What is Death Cure? Emesoriiii! Haha. Watch The Greatest Showman na. It’s really amazing! And haha. Natawa tuloy ako. Di ko napansin habang sinusulat ko eh. Pero hindi ako conyo in real life. Pramis! Haha.

      Minsan feeling ko ambivert talaga ako at hindi introvert eh. Kasi I actually enjoy being out and about. Pero bigla nalang akong nagsha-shut down talaga. Biglang no social interaction whatsoever. Like goodbye world for a while muna. Ganon. Haha.

      Tapos same with facebook. Binubuksan ko lang sya pag bet ko i-stalk yung kras kong seminarista. HAHA! Sa ngayon naman natitiis ko pa na hindi sya i-stalk. Haha. Sakripisyo. Juskuuu! //harot

      And thaaaaank yuuu! Di ko akalain makaka-isang taon ako dito. Infairness. Naeenjoy ko naman talaga itong pinaggagagawa kong ito.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. omg ung third installation ng The Maze Runner. Hahaha It’s okay anw! Being conyo ain’t bad!

        well, nothing is absolute. hahaha kahit introvert sinasabi ng personality test, may percentage pa din dun na extrovert ka šŸ™‚

        HAHAHAHHAHA tapos na like mo mga posts nu. ang scary mag stalk pero laban! hahahahaha

        as long as you are enjoying what you are doing! šŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I used to go to the movies alone all of the time before I met my boyfriend– friends always ruined the movie with their chatter lol. I’m so glad you went to see The Greatest Showman! I just loved it, too! ā™” That’s so nice that you got to reunite with your friends! & it seems like a lot of people are deleting their Facebooks lately.

    Happy 1st birthday to your blog! šŸ¤—

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello!

      THAT is one of the reasons why I prefer watching movie alone. I want my peace and quiet. Lol! And I’m so happy that I decided to watch TGS. I have no regrets.

      Thank you Hunida! Can’t believe it’s been a year. HAHA.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Gusto ko narin atang panoorin yang “The Greatest Showman” na yan. Magaantay lang ako ng magandang copy sa pinagDDL-an ko.

    Happy first bday sa blog mo! Minsan gusto ko na ding magdeact ng FB, kaso ung iba kong kakilala walang IG so tiis tiis na lang muna. Mas nagtatambay na lang ako sa IG at Twitter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! Maganda sya teh! Sobrang na enjoy ko sya. Haha.

      Thank you po! Try mo po minsang mag deactivate. Ewan. Nauumay na po kasi ako sa news feed ko na parang ang saya-saya ng lahat don. Parang ang fake. Haha. Kaya din sa Twitter ako tumatambay.


      1. May nakikita din akong ganyan. Bihira lang ako magupdate sa FB. Nagdeact na ako before. Kaya ko narin naman kahit asa phone siya. Nde ko nadin madalas buksan.


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