Haiku: Untitled, You, Stuck

Haiku is an unrhymed and short form of poetry which consists of only 17 syllables. They are usually about nature and are usually about two ideas thrown together.

These three haikus were written last year and I just kind of unearthed them to share with all of you. I think I actually posted the second haiku in here before.

If you are interested go and read on!

#1 Untitled

Something snapped within

Falling into extremes

Tell me how to breathe.

#2 You

Floating dreamily

Seeds dispersed across the fields

For you, I have wished.

#3 Stuck

The fog clouds my eyes

I sink under the quicksand

Where? How do I run?

Again, I’d love to hear or rather read your thoughts about these tinie-tiny attempts at writing poetry. I am actually trying to write again and I am hoping to finish something so I could share more. It’s just, I have so much things I want to do all at the same time that I actually finish nothing. Haha. I want to study and write poetry. I want to paint. I want to write and create more content in here. I also want to keep up with my journaling which sadly got etsapwera na. So many things to do, so little time. Aaaah! No! I need to learn focus management.

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