Oh Wonder Live at Ayala Malls

Ever since I found out that Oh Wonder was coming back to Manila to do a three-legged show at three different Ayala Malls, I knew I had to see them. Oh Wonder is a London-based alt-pop duo consisting of Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West and I have been a fan of them since 2015.

I was not able to watch their sold-out concert last July so I was really intent on making it happen this time. Two of my friends were very willing to accompany me at first even though they barely know Oh Wonder. It’s because they knew how bummed I was when I missed their show last year. We planned on watching their UP Fair show, however, a week before the show, we all had to bail because of our sorry broke asses. Dang it! Adulting is so hard.

I was seriously down when it dawned on me that I will not be seeing them again. I tried not to think so much about it but when they did their first show at Greenbelt and I saw the accounts of fellow fans who had been there, my OW heart just outright dismissed the idea of not seeing them. I had to see them one way or another. The Greenbelt and the UP Fair show was already out of the question so the ATC show was my only chance.

I was sort of in contact with two from the group Oh Wonder Philippines who were about to watch in ATC too. When I got in line, I immediately noticed Ivan but didn’t know it was him until he waved at me after I told him via chat that I was the girl at the end of the line. He was with pretty Eazel and juskoLord. They are literally kids. Like highschool kids. I was seriously 10 years older than Eazel. Jesus! We then waited for the other guy named Jim who has the coolest green hair I’ve ever seen. It looked so awesome.

Anyway, two hours before the show they did a quick sound-check and oh my God. Josephine is such a doll! Jim was somewhere we don’t know that time and Ivan and Eazel were talking when Anthony and Josephine got up on stage (for the soundcheck). I was the one who noticed them first and I was speechless so I just tapped Eazel and gestured towards the stage. Aaah! I couldn’t contain my kilig and I had my hand covering my mouth when I saw this Karpos Multimedia guy (I think he was a Marshal) who was offering me tissues from the other side of the barricade. He probably thought I was crying. Haha.

They started letting people inside the barricades at around 2:30PM. And so the waiting game began as the show was set to start at 4:00PM. Other people had brought their own means to amuse themselves. Kids behind us brought notes and were studying Chemistry. Jim was reading Connor Franta’s A Work In Progress and I amused myself by eavesdropping other people’s conversations. Haha. Forever chismosa.

Then finally, one by one they started coming up on stage. I was so excited to see Josephine hit those keys and Anthony to strum those strings. Aah. What a time to be alive! We are really so lucky that different international artists love performing for the Filipino crowd.

Oh Wonder started the show by performing Livewire. It was a heartwarming feeling to be in the middle of the crowd who are all singing along with them. I think I was smiling the whole time they were performing. And please! The way Josephine says “Manila“! It is the most adorable thing that I couldn’t help but smile and scream everytime she says it.

(Sidenote: Livewire started playing on my phone while I was typing Livewire. Hurrr.)

And then they played my favorite song Without You. It was the first song of them that I’ve heard and it is the reason why I fell in love with their music. I accidentally watched the music video of it on YouTube just a few weeks after it was released and I couldn’t be any more thankful for that awesome moment. I watched the video once and their aesthetic charmed me instantly. Next thing I know, I was already memorizing the lyrics to that song. Aah. Without You will always have a special place in my heart.

Never noticed it before but I cannot unsee it now. Anthony have got such beautiful eyes.

That glee on her face though. My new life goal is to have this kind of expression on my face. Pure happiness.

When they started playing Landslide though, I almost died. Huhu. I’ve said it on my IG post but that song really was my salvation. I remember crying while listening to that song during those dark dark days. It gave me the comfort that I needed. Aside from Plans (which sadly they didn’t perform) Landslide is really the song I was praying that they would perform.

Definitely a DOLL! Honestly, she’s too pretty in person. I mean, she’s always been a cute little bean but photos seriously don’t do her justice. That was why I was so speechless when I first saw her during their soundcheck. JOSEPHINE IS A LIVING DOLL!

This was Josephine telling an anecdote about her matchy-matchy outfit with Anthony. I swear they are the cutest.

Yay! Matchy-matchy!

They also performed their song Body Gold which was followed by All We Do. I really love the things which Josie said about the message behind the song All We Do. How we are infinite and powerful and that we just have to believe that everything is possible.

And when everyone sang along to “I’ve been upside down/ I don’t wanna be the right way round/ can’t find paradise on the ground” huhu. Goosies!

The last song on their setlist was Technicolour Beat but of course they had two songs for their encore which was Ultralife and Drive which are both big crowd favorites. If I wasn’t so shy I’d probably go walwal talaga. But we were in a mall with its bright lights and people can actually see everyone else’s faces. Haha. So tamang jam lang ang nagawa ko.

Thank you OH WONDER for letting us live an ultralife because of your music. It’s been two days but I am still high from the experience. Josephine and Anthony’s energy during the whole performance was superb. You guys owned the stage and all of our hearts.

It was really a wonder of wonders how I chanced upon your music but I am so happy I did. Can’t wait to see you again and properly fan girl next time. I love you to bits with all of my heart and the soul inside my bones.

And oh by the way, thank you to these two bagets na nakasama ko even though we stayed in our own little bubbles when the show was happening. Hi Ivan and Eazel. It was nice meeting you and I hope to see you again when Oh Wonder decides to come back. Sige na, pati na din kay Jim na naglaho bigla. Haha.


Without You
High on Humans
Body Gold
All We Do
Lose It
Technicolour Beat



Just in case someone’s reading this who also watched Oh Wonder’s show at ATC, I was one of those three weirdos wearing Burger King crowns before the show started. Haha. Which I have to say was totally Ivan’s idea.

3 thoughts on “Oh Wonder Live at Ayala Malls”

    1. Hiii! You can try listening to Ultralife, Drive, Landslide, Plans and Without You. Tell me what you think about them when you finally get the chance to listen to them. 😊😊😊


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