Poetry Writing Exercise

I am someone who never really bothered with poetry before. It always felt to me like there is an air of elitism surrounding poets and their poetry so I shied away from it. On year 2016, I have developed an interest in the art form when I would sometimes be forced to write poems for this Project 365+1 Challenge that I imposed on myself. How can I write poetry when I know nothing about it? And so I decided to read up on it and the more I read about it the more I appreciated the art of writing poetry. But still, I couldn’t write decent pieces. It seems to me that I have not felt something so real and something so deep in life yet that would compel me into writing good poems. And so after a while, I kind of lost interest in it again.

Last year though, I kind of got interested in it again because I wanted to write about something without directly talking about it. That’s one of the reasons why I like poems. They tell a lot without actually telling so much.

So inspired by Jolen’s First Draft Poetry and encouraged by her words “damayan tayo”, I decided to post at least one of my attempts at writing poetry. My poems written before were very laughable attempts, I actually cringed when I tried digging them out to see if I actually improved even a little. This one is still a laughable attempt but it’s a serious one nevertheless.

This piece has been on my drafts for a few months now but I couldn’t click that publish button. Ugh, fear can be really paralyzing sometimes. Decided to post it now kasi wala akong mai-post. Haha. Anyway, this was conjured from watching this video which features a Poetry Writing Exercise I decided to follow. It was really cool because everything was just random answers from random questions but when pieced together they kind of did fit together. Maybe not entirely but there was something in there. Surely in need of development.

Tell me what you think. I’d really appreciate anything that you would say.

The Oddities

What am I good at? 

Not even a year before a century’s quarter 

I still don’t have an answer 

Another indigo blue melancholic melody 

Playing with the swishing of the curtains 

Against the windows left open 

Sick of all these scarlet lyrical lies

And wearing another blissful disguise

I am fine, did I say again that I am fine?

I seem to remember you never asked me I’m alright

I promise. It will be fun.

13 thoughts on “Poetry Writing Exercise”

  1. “indigo blue melancholic melody”, “all these scarlet lyrical lies” it is very poetic to use colors like this aaaa ~ this piece is so goooood. makes me want to write poetry again. i can’t remember the last one I wrote

    “They tell a lot without actually telling so much.” this can’t be more true. I hope you will keep writing poems πŸ™‚

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    1. Yay! I’m glad you think this is good 😭😭😭. Hiyang-hiya ako ipost. Haha. I’ll try writing more. Sana mainspire ako! Ikaw! Sulat ka na ulit. Abangers ako sa poetry posts mo eh.

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  2. I wasn’t also a poetry lover before… I don’t even bother to write or read one… kasi sometimes it’s so flowery, and in the end you seem to not understand it because of those bunch of learned words… But I started to like poetry because of lang leav… ang gaganda kasi ng way of writing nya… ❀❀❀
    And my first attempts, sobrang nakakadisappoint kasi… nakakahiyang ishare hahaha…pero your piece is very good… you actually slayed it… i loved the touch of poignancy in it..❀❀❀ good look sa pagiging poetess…

    Damayan tayo!!! HahahaπŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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    1. Nakakaintimidate no. Lalo na nung highschool takot na takot ako sa mga tula. Kaya di ko naappreciate ang Florante at Laura eh. Haha. Admittedly, hindi ako nagbabasa ng Lang Leav. Feeling ko kasi sobra yung hype sa works niya. Haha. Siguro try ko din sometime. Pero mga older poets muna tinitignan ko sa ngayon. Haha.

      Thank you though kasi mukhang okay sayo ang tula ko. Haha! Damayan na talaga to! Goodluck saten!

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      1. True!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ pati nga essay noon eh kinaiinisan ko… pero in some way, I learned to love the touch of words in paper… nyoks!, ano daw? Hahaha

        Pero yah, goodluck satin… hahaha

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  3. May special mention pala ako rito potah! HAHAHA. Gusto ko na talagang i-delete ‘yang First Draft kemerut ko e. Pero dahil ni-link mo, sige na nga, paninindigan ko na lang ang kachakahan, hahaha.

    Pinanood ko pala ‘yung YouTube link. Naks, ang gandang band name ng The Oddities! Feeling ko indie pop ang tugtugan, mga pa-quirky music na pinakikinggan ng fans ni Zooey Deschanel choz.

    Cute ‘yung tula, Krish! Gusto ko ang temang near-quarter-life crisis; beri swak sa interest mo on bildungsroman (naks) and self-actualization. Ang bumentang linya sa akin ay ‘yung “swishing of curtains.” Visual tsaka aural — I see an image and I hear a sound. Naks. πŸ˜€

    Medyo cliche lang para sa akin ang “melancholic melody,” lalo na sa konteksto ng piyesang who-am-I ang areglo. I’m sure nabasa mo na rin ang phrase na “melancholic melody” countless times, hehe. Maraming interesting words sa Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows na pwedeng ipalit o i-relate sa melancholy. Check mo ‘yun, baka makahanap ka ng potential words for future poems. πŸ™‚

    And tama ka, the lines fit together even if they’re all from different answers to disjointed questions. Bet! ❀ Kailangan lang siguro ng unity sa persona (the 'speaker' in the poem). Sa simula kasi kausap niya sarili niya, tas sa gitna omniscient siya, tas sa ending he/she seems to be addressing the reader (or someone else). Kung ire-revise mo 'to baka magandang i-reconcile 'yung aspect on POV, hehe.

    Overall, ang gandang materyal nito for you! Kung ire-revise mo patingin ng revision, kahit DM mo lang sa Twidder. Try ko ring i-revise 'yung tula ko tas pakita ko sa 'yo, okay lang? Panindigan na natin ang pagdadamayan sa ating quest to "tell a lot without telling much" nakanampooch. ❀ ❀ ❀

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    1. HAHAHA! Gulat ka ba?

      Thank you naman sa helpful comments mo. Dami kong nahita! Swear! 😍😍😍 Di ko naisip before yung sa pov. Feeling ko yun yung iniisip kong problema kung bakit parang walang “oneness” yung tula pag binabasa ko. Haha. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

      Nagsesave nga ako lately ng magagandang words na nakikita ko for future reference eh. Hirap kasi nauubusan ako ng words. Haha. Try ko irevise ‘to soon. Sana maalala ko. Haha. And yes, okay lang saken na basahin gawa mo. Tapos kunwari maalam ako magcritique. Haha.

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